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Thread: Little Big Planet Update + ETC

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    Little Big Planet Update + ETC

    Whoo!!! I finally finished my bar in LBP!
    My stage has a waiting-house + a car that leads you to the next house.

    The next house is my main design. Being beautiful and atmospheric.
    One room is a beautiful fireplace-design. With a bear rug and facing-sofas.
    The hallway should lead to an elevator that takes you to the bedroom and (undecided room), but there's the bar on the other end of the hallway.

    I've revamped the design due to space-restrictions.

    Originally the design was supposed to have switches that dropped grabbable drink-icons. When you grabbed the icons, the icon would tilt back and forth, and eventually disappear.
    The tilting-action would simulate the idea of drinking a soda, beer, margarita, etc... and it disappearing would be the idea that you finished the drink.

    Sadly, due to the several limitations of adding such objects (apparently adding complex items that had several functions, while making it appear through an emitter, TOOK UP A GOOD AMOUNT OF SPACE... especially when you made mirror-faced duplicates), I had to remove that feature and add a new one.

    So sadly, you can't drink in my bar... but there is something else there.
    If you can spot it, you'll be in for quite a surprise.

    Well - in truth, I COULD still add the drink-feature, but I want to make sure I have enough space to add an outside ecosystem (~esque) + add heavy details to the walls and such once I'm done with everything.

    I've 100% completed Fable II. Though I am about 11-12 achievements away from getting all of them (I usually hate achievements since they give a feeling of unearned cockiness... but I LOVE Fable II - soooo yeah), and I don't think I'll be getting them anytime soon.
    But I got all the Gargoyles, all the Silver Keys, own every property, completed & mastered every mission, and have gotten every legendary weapon out there.
    Only things I'm missing: Anything DLC related (I don't have the Wi-Fi attachment to my 360... friggin' $100... I'll get it someday) + all the expressions (I've gotten MOOOOST... but not all).

    So yeah. When I go back in the game, I'll either fool around or start a new Hero.

    I've also been playin' a little MGO lately (it's been a long while since I've played it). Everyone who was once a runt, are now pros. It's like everyone has an elite-kind of emblem in the game.
    Doesn't matter though, I can still kill them.
    They just got those emblems from closed rooms - they're good, I'll give them that. But if I can still defeat them (whether easily or through a good fight), they're not as tough as their emblem makes them out to be.

    ...I remember back in the day, anyone who was a pro or had a beret meant they were a TRIPLE THREAT. Those guys were impossibly difficult to beat, pros beyond pros! I had to get really creative in order to get my team to win. They were definitely toughies. Oh how I remember how I could get headshot no matter how well-covered I was, whenever I went against them. Good times. (very stressful times as well)

    That Tales of ( Symphonia 2? ) game is coming out this week ( today? )... I'll get it someday. After I play Tales of Symphonia. ... that game got a lot of hype, but I deliberately ignored it after several people claimed that it was THE BEST "TALES OF" GAME EVER!!!
    ...sorry, but nothing beats Tales of Destiny to me. :/

    Abu and I are stuck in a section in SBCG4AP Ep. 3... it's really tough, we're really really stuck.

    Mirror's Edge comes out this week. Excited to get my duffle bag.

    And I hope Chris (our main man) is still working at the Planet X. He's the best salesman I've ever met (he's getting transferred for REALLY REALLY complicated reasons... sufficed to say: this guy was your BEST friend the instant you met him. Such enthusiasm and friendliness, and able to start, continue, and end a conversation with any topic you gave him. He was cool, he was awesome, a salesman you'd love. So it REALLY REALLY sucks he's getting transferred, and for such a stupid reason, too. It's easy to say that TONS of customers are never going back to that store if he isn't there. + A lot of employees are walking out if he gets transferred. Yeah, he's THAT awesome). Here's hoping!

    And what else?
    ...oh yeah, we really need to give the dogs a walk... they haven't had one in a LOOONG time.

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    Re: Little Big Planet Update + ETC

    indeed! maybe Tuesday or Thursday?

    ^o^ we're probably going to be taking winter classes! yaya~!

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