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Thread: Odd dream

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    Odd dream

    Originally I wanted this to be on a currently made topic in my journal, so that it wouldn't get much attention... but it doesn't really match any of my currently made topic titles...

    I had a weird dream. Which isn't new. But this was one of those huge adventure ones. I have those like 4 times a year, so they're a precious commodity to me.

    It's hard to forget them, but I often forget several parts of it. I just woke up, so I'll try to type down as much as I could before I start forgetting it.

    So anyways... apparently I was in the future... or some kind of futuristic college/university. Apparently the university specialized on high end technologies for video games and such. ...not sure how I knew that, since I never entered any of the buildings throughout the entire dream.
    But anyways, just think: futuristic. White clean buildings shaped like several different shapes: the typical tall but one-side-is-angled building, the spire-looking building with the large ball-tip at the top, giant screens that would show announcements and advertisements, flying cars here and there, monorails that went throughout the buildings, yet still having a large green-grassed campus grounds area where all the students walk back and forth in.

    So evidently, in the dream I tapped into some magical thing. Something tells me it had something to do with a tome, a discovery of some ancient relic, or passed down to me by some kind of god. Whatever it was, I didn't have the physical evidence now, I just had the power. The power? Flight.
    No, I couldn't just "up-up-and-away".
    I had to run, and when I got to a certain speed, I had to dive forward, and before I hit the ground, I would have to flatten out my body and spread my arms like wings. I would then feel a rush of wind between me and the ground, and that's what told me I could fly.
    If I screw up (like not enough speed, or not spreading my arms out correctly, or not flattening), I would just smack the ground. I would mess up a lot during the dream, but my first try was a goodin'.

    So once I felt the rush of wind, I just bend my upper body and head in the direction (as well as tilt my "wings") where I want the rush of wind to take me. I suppose I wasn't really flying as I was gliding, eh?
    I would glide on the wind, and everytime I curled my body or pull in my arms, I would drop from the sky, and I would immediately straighten out and spread my wings again to suddenly get a burst of momentum to go faster.

    As you could tell, throughout most of the start of the dream, I was just flying and having fun in the sky. Gliding up, dropping, spinning, aerial tricks and what-not.
    Which is nice for a change, since I'm terrified of heights.

    So anyways, in this campus I had two friends. One was Abu, thank goodness. I say that because Abu can sometimes not be found in my dreams, and those usually end badly.
    ...though this did technically end badly, but whatevs.
    So anyways, one was Abu, and the other was some tech-geek kid who had spikey hair.

    They knew about my power and were doing all they could to hide it from others, while still finding a time and place where they could test it.
    Me flying in the beginning was thanks to them finding a place where no one was looking.

    The tech-geek wanted to test my powers, so he gave me some kind of laser-tag machine-gun thing. Which I apparently had the whole time?
    He, on the other hand, went on his customized jet. A very tech-looking jet, with pop-up transparent screens on the cockpit and such.
    He told me (though I'm not sure how I heard) that he was ready to test me and his new jet out.
    So he flew out, doing aerial tricks of his own, then he started firing on me. The shots were probably laser-tag quality like my gun, since it didn't hurt me at all.
    We would fly around each other and fire at each other. I was a smaller target, so he was having a hard time.
    We started flying around buildings and under walkways.

    At this point, you could tell that a lot of people have seen us and we weren't being very careful at hiding.
    Anywho- The fight went on for a good hour, as we dazzled crowds and each other at our flying skills.
    I was starting to win though, but I was risking it everytime I decided to fire on him, since I would have to hold and aim the gun on his jet everytime I wanted to fire on him --- that would make me not spread my arms, and make me drop.
    On several occasions I had to drop onto a building and start firing and running. I would mess up several times in trying to glide again. Falling flat on my face, or stopping myself from a dive because I think I was running to slow.
    But I would go from building to building, firing and firing.
    Finally when I was able to fully glide back into open air, I had a perfect shot on him. He dodged it, and that was a bad idea.
    It was a perfect shot since the only thing he could do was make a left at a building intersection to dodge it - and that left leads into another building.
    So once he took the left, he found himself about to collide into the building.

    -continued below-

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    Re: Odd dream

    He did. He crashed right through the building... but his jet was still working fine, thanks to his amazing design. Then he turned and crashed into another building... ouch. I could tell he couldn't really see anything through his screen anymore with all the rubble and such and spinning... he ended up crashing into another building... and then another... then he flew off into the sky.
    At this point, he knew he was screwed...
    We all knew he was screwed.

    He started flying off and told Abu and I that he needed to get out and think of something.
    So there he went, flying.
    He could have left his jet and come back, as no one but Abu and I knew who the pilot was. But he loved his jet, and wouldn't let it go.
    Our worries of people finding my magic left, as our worries of what would happen to the tech-geek rose.

    All over the campus, news appeared on every screen. Showing the crash-throughs of the jet, and the flying off. Students were encouraged to bring in the pilot. A campus police force was sent out to bring him down (apparently the campus police had jets of their own).

    Night time hit, and with it, breaking news that showed a first-person perspective of several campus police jets shooting at the tech-geek's jet.
    (I'll just call the tech-geek TG now)

    TG's jet was superior in every way, but the campus police had numbers on their side. ...besides, TG's jet would eventually run out of energy...

    I had to go do something. So after a few failed attempts, I was able to glide out into the sky.
    After a good 20 minutes of gliding, I found where all the shots in the sky were coming from. I headed in that direction.
    This time, I had a real machine gun, strapped onto my body so I wouldn't have to worry about holding it in my hands while gliding. I would still have to press the triggers if I wanted to shoot, however.
    I started firing on the closest campus police jet. It did nothing more than dent the hull, but it definitely got the pilot's attention. The pilot tried to swerve to turn and face me, but I already flew underneath it and around the other side. I got on its right wing and started pummeling the cockpit's window with bullets. The tough glass finally shattered and I started shooting at the controls. ...I didn't really wanna' kill a guy who was just doing his job, really...

    But I already spent too much time on one guy. Three other jets had surrounded TG's jet, refusing it from making any turns or going any higher. Its only choice was to land, since the jet above his was slowly lowering in altitude, the other two jets were blocking its left and right, and the only thing in front of TG's jet was a tall building a few miles off.

    I could feel TG feeling desperate.
    One call to us made it evident.
    "Check the jet's remains" was all he said.

    His jet bursted with light and disappear with speed. It smashed right into the building miles off... this building must've been pretty thick, as the jet didn't go through this time: It just grinded to a halt halfway through the building.

    The jets dispersed in different directions to find different landing zones for their jets. I flew ahead to see the wreckage.
    When I got their, I found TG's body ruined.
    But a screen popped up in the smoky darkness.
    It was TG's face, telling me to pick up the Wii remote that was on his lap. From what the face on the screen was telling me, I believe TG put all his data of his existence into the Wii remote? ...?

    I left the wreckage and a countdown ended with the jet burning white for a few minutes... then blue... red... then nothing.

    I went back to campus and loaded the Wii remote onto a screen in my dorm room. Abu and I were surprised to see a fully intelligent AI of TG. TG could talk to us perfectly, as if he were right there with us alive.
    He printed out a few papers and made several copies of himself onto several flash drive cards that he told me to distribute to different places.
    One of these places was the dean's office.
    From what TG told me, apparently he wasn't just a top-class student, but he was also planning to apply as a professor for the college/university.
    The papers were his resume, the flash cards were his existences.
    Not sure how he did it, but by the following week, he was a head professor for one of the classes.
    I attended the class for a day to see how it went. It went pretty good. Though he was on a giant screen, he was able to keep the class's attention and still be able to teach a full lesson with several participants. I dropped the class the next day, too technical for my tastes.

    And there it went, several copies of TG were planted into several school programs throughout the nation's best schools.
    TG always pulled off the "why can't we see you in person" with "I work best at home, I hope you can respect that".

    Several conspiracies went around schools as to where TG lived. In our very own campus, the conspiracy that went around was that he lived in the lower-basement -a place said to be haunted by b!tch professors-.

    So yeah... that's how that dream ended.
    I had another dream shortly after that I totally forgot.
    But the next dream I only remembered the end of:
    It was during the Renaissance era, and I was apparently a student of a working alchemy. ...I went to the student store to purchase several clothes they had on sale. But the cashier I went up to took her time fiddling through papers before even bothering to help me.
    I swear I felt like I waited there for two hours. I was about to leave, and that's when she decided she had time to help me. *sigh* I was already late for class.


    Yep... that's all.

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    Re: Odd dream

    ^_^ your dreams are so much cooler than mine, Honey!

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