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Thread: Other couples & Classes

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    Other couples & Classes

    ...so I'm here, sitting at one of the computers in the computer lab...
    And there's a couple sitting next to me...
    ............. I swear, are (most) other couples really that inconsiderate?

    The guy took a chair from one of the computers and is using it to pair up with his girlfriend's computer... and everytime someone asks to use his computer, he looks at them angrily and says he's still using it...
    What's even more annoying, is that he won't give up his chair, despite the fact they're practically ontop of each other cuddling, snuggling and kissing. >_O ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

    THIS IS A COMPUTER LAB FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS, THERE'S A BIG LINE WAITING FOR COMPUTERS TO OPEN UP, AND ALL YOU'RE DOING IS "Omg, I love this site... Omg, look at this one... Omg, look at that one... Omg, look at this on YouTube" and going all "Am I boring you? I'm boring you aren't I? Am I a boring boyfriend?" .....................

    ****ING HELL?!!! YOU SERIOUS?!!!

    ... -_- Sure, Abu and I used to make out all the time in highschool, but it was usually in secluded areas. We were our own business. And whenever people yelled "GET A ROOM!" it was usually just cuz we kissed while waiting for a bus.
    It's not like we full-on made out. People seriously know when to say that, a simple kiss or hug does not equate a privacy problem.

    gawd, some couples these days...
    And look at me, all gossiping and such.

    And for those of you thinking I'm judging too fast... this ain't the first time I've run into inconsiderate couples. Such an annoyance, they're gonna' break up within a few months anyways... or better yet, get married and stay unhappy.
    ... It's not like I'm wishing them misfortune, I'm just looking at statistics.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Anywho... I tried adding classes today... well, still am trying to add classes today.
    I didn't think I had a chance in getting into any class today, and so far, I'm right.
    Only the PE class I'm able to get into (yeah... PE GEs... they're a lot more fun than the ones in highschool............ except highschool had flag football and dodgeball. Gawd I loved those games) ... another one I have to wait 'til Thursday to see if I can get in (I doubt it).
    And the other one, we did a raffle, and I lost... cuz one person cheated by making their raffle ticket larger, and the other one... well, she played fair and square, and had a nice outfit. A little much just for class, but still classy.

    All I've got left are the English and Political Science classes.
    If I don't get BOTH those classes, it's SO not worth going through this entire semester.

    ... I gotta' check if I can make another schedule though... maybe a Friday schedule.... but probably not, since my family will b*** about it being an inconvenience...

    I could just take these in the Fall! Or split it up! Or something! >_<
    GWAR!!!! This entire thing's ruined! If I just took the classes I said I'd take this semester, no matter how little it was (11 units is NOT little), it'd get more done so I'd have more room by the Fall Semester!
    WTF seriously?!

    I get blamed for the family being held back because I didn't finish this college, when it's my elder brothers who have been putting off classes and dropping out from colleges! Why the hell do I get the blame?! Sure, I'm going a bit slow, but it's nowhere near as slow as my other brothers!
    I'm going slow and steady, I'm not a rusher, I think things out!
    But the family doesn't care! The family never cared! They just want me to follow their dictations to the T! They just want my future to be what they want it to be!
    I don't want to be a doctor! I don't want to be a scientist! I don't want to be a nurse! I don't want to be a human calculator!



    ;_; I just want to finish this college. I'm not going really slow. I'm going at the right pace. ...it's not like it's impossible for me to return to classes, I've planned things out several times... things don't go according to plan, but I've got plan B, C, D, E, F, and G waiting for anything to happen. I'm not dumb. I'm not irrational like my brothers. I don't make the same mistakes as them. I'm nothing like them. I'm me, I think things out, I follow through, I'm just a bit hesitant is all.
    I'm sorry I'm not the genius you guys wanted me to be...
    I don't care if I'm good at math, I hate doing it... it's a waste of time on many occassions. I see the use of it. I see the use of proper education, but I really wasn't made for an institution... for a university...
    I'm an apprentice-boy....
    I learn fastest when I'm working hands-on along with someone else...

    ... I hate these textbooks... these notes... these uncreative projects... these basic labs...

    I need experience. But I can't. Cuz the family won't let me. Cuz I have to get an education first.

    ...but here I am, locked in this damn educational cage, stuck with a damn parrot that keeps squawking "Gotta' finish your education first. Gotta' finish your education first, SQUAAAWWWK!"...

    T__T Don't they get it? Don't they see? Couldn't they tell that through all those years of private education and college years that I really don't give a damn about this stuff?
    I learn, yessir I do, but most times the classes I was forced into turned out to be a total bunk! Useless work that never helps me learn any further. No real hands-on experience... just... paperwork...

    If I wanted to do paperwork, I'd do it for money.
    Give me a goddamn office job! Let me fill out forms! Let me file things! Let me stamp things! Let me show the world that I know how to use a f***ing fax machine! Let me kick a few copy machines repeatedly until I get fired!


    *falls down face flat*
    .......... T-T ............. so not fair........

    .... I know I can leave whenever I say so... but it causes so much drama... if I just stick it out a few more years, I can leave without the drama...


    ......... this sucks...

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    Re: Other couples & Classes

    Sounds like some pretty rough time you're having and I understand your frustration.
    But if I may ask, what is it that you want to do? Just earning some money? Because I don't think that doing some paper work would be much more interesting than attending your classes in College.
    The educational cage seems to be something today's society has locked us in. No one can really escape it. We are expected to climb up the ladder of success and get a well paid job, with a proper educational level achieved of course. That way, every family wants that their children start out with a proper education. Can't be helped.
    Most school stuff is unnecessary and very uneffective education ... like latin in my school for instance. I mean, I know for sure I'll never need to be able to translate a latin sentence. Period. Why learning it in the first place? Still, I value school for not having any responsibility.
    Although I guess your situation is a bit different. But anyway, for whom are you studying if not for yourself? If you really dislike it that much ... You just waste precious time that way, don't you?
    You are now breathing manually. :P


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    Re: Other couples & Classes

    The classes I choose (or abu chooses. depending on who's turn it is to pick classes) are for myself. They're classes I'm willing to learn and work for. The other classes are to please the family. ...and thing is, I love to earn money. The times and chances I do earn money is very fulfilling. Doing monotonous work for school made me despise school... but whenever I did monotonous work for cash or for something that became physical and wanted: it felt very satisfying. I don't just state things cuz I'm spoiled... I do enjoy working for something much more than just getting it through "connections, grades, and unearned money"... ...oh, and what do I want after all this? Video Game directing and design. ...just need the C++ book...

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    Re: Other couples & Classes

    i love you Darling! we made it through the first day my Sweet! Now we don't have to think about it and just have fun!!


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    Re: Other couples & Classes

    I... just ....cant... read... your ... entire... entry... *gasp* ...to many words... *gasp*
    to....many.... font changes. *gasp* and the faces.... Not.... the faces *gasp*
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: Other couples & Classes

    I really can undestand your frustration against that couple. Its time like that where you just want them to learn some Manners and not be joined at the hip because your dating someone. If Solking and I were like I would get bored so easily. It really does make me greatful that at least some of us know self discipline.

    I mean COME ONE!!! No one wants to sit there while people play tonsil tennis!!

    Get a room or just don't bother at all right?!

    I really do hope you get into the classes you want Soshi. I don't really understand how the American Educational System works but I am sure it will sort itself out eventually.

    As for the education lecture trap....If they want to keep in a "Bubble" then pop it Being your own person and doing what you think is right usually seems like a good way to go.

    Plus can't they see that you getting job is more like work experience or a work placement? Don't you get those in America. Even if its a part time job to help to support yourself then go and look for jobs available and then tell your parents your options. I've done with a few things in life and I started taking the first step to prove I was serious about what I wanted to do.
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    Re: Other couples & Classes

    Problem is, it's just a form of babying and control.
    If we got a job, they lose control over us, as we won't have to depend on their money.
    They lose control of us, and we'll run away and never come back ever again and get ourselves killed.

    Because watching Oprah scares a lot of parents, even if their children are already adults.
    Not only that, but they just can't let go.

    I know I could just pop it. I know I can go whenever I want. But I'm not some rebellious punk. Technically speaking, they have many rights to do what they do. And sure, they've gone off the edge more times than needed, but rebelling isn't the right response to that problem - as it'll cause more problems than necessary.

    ...trust me, I've watched (immature) rebellion around this family... immature transactions then happen, and if worse comes to worse: The Police then get involved (yes, the band. ).
    And seeing that the family's still traditional, the ENTIRE FAMILY (cousins, uncles, aunts, second-cousins, etc) will then be cut-off.
    The rebel then is just "forgotten" from the family. And even if the person lives off happily ever after, well...

    ...let's just say that I hate to say I still care for this family.
    They're all insane, let me tell you. But I owe most of my life to them...

    Sure, it's America, and I'm expected to do what any other American-raised child would do at this situation: make war against my origin. ...but I already did that in my teen years. Nah, but it was immature and worthless. And those who follow-through that fashion usually end up becoming more of a jerk, and usually turn into their parents.

    The ONLY reason I'd ever completely sever myself from this family is if they hurt Maggie...
    If they ever do, then it's off. Don't care how, don't care why, but Abu's first on my list. She's the most important.

    But they haven't. In fact, on certain occasions, they love Abu. She certainly is *different* to them. They find her cheery-attitude funny.

    *sigh* 'sides. It ain't all bad, Abu's still here with me. She's going through the rough stuff (work + school) and I'm going through the bubble stuff (school + school). I was just tired of how insane my family gets, and it's been HOW MANY YEARS that I've been the family's punching bag despite the fact that I've been the smartest and least-troublesome of the brothers. It's getting old, y'know? O_o

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    Re: Other couples & Classes

    #1 setle down.... look at the good things of life and bla bla bla ya.... no just anoy them and they will leave >=D

    (also on a side note do not try and kill yourself its not a good thing ta do.....)
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    death and life are one and the same

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