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Thread: Ow...

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    That darn exercise from last Thursday's killing me... x_x
    The pain has died down, but since last Friday, my stomach's muscles have been hurting like f***...
    Yesterday was the worst, the pain never went away, and I couldn't tell when I was hungry or full.

    *sigh* At least it's subsiding. I just hope all of it goes away by Tuesday (my next PE workout day)... And hopefully we do some running on that day, my legs have been itching for a workout.

    Anywho. Been playing Street Fighter IV recently...
    I was gettin' pissed cuz no matter how many story modes I beat, and no matter how many challenges I went through, I didn't get a single new character.
    I kept thinking "Maybe I just have to play as one of the MAIN characters..."
    You know, characters like Ryu, Ken, and Bison (/Vega)... stuff like that.

    But I just kept thinking to myself "......... naaaahhh... I don't feel like playing as them.".

    Eventually after beating a whole 'nother round of challenges, I just said "Screw it! I'm lookin' it up!"
    And lo and behold! I was right! I DO have to play as the other characters!!! >_< ...wtf!
    *sigh* So I just went through story mode as Ryu and got myself Sakura.
    Wasn't gonna' go through it one more time that night... Seth's an @$$hole...

    Anywho... been playin' around with my new $31 webcam.
    I'm used to having webcams, but this is the first time I've had a webcam that WASN'T BUILT-INTO THE COMPUTER.
    It also creeps me out that it looks like some kind of robotic eye... it's spying on me and sending videos throughout the internet in my sleep... o_o For some reason, I wouldn't be surprised if that devil did!

    ...it's so round and sphere-y, though... Makes me want to crush it! ^-^ Last time I had a ball his size, I threw it down on the ground so hard it flew over two houses and bounced away from my sight.... ... I'mma miss that ball.

    ........... oh, and I have a natural attraction to spherical things. Also things that make a "jingle" sound.
    I have a destructive reaction to the sphere-objects... often wanting to tear them apart or throw them or crush them or whatever... not sure why, but it's not out of anger or anything. I find it rather enjoyable.
    As for "jingle" objects... I have a "catch and bite" reaction to it. I'm REALLY not sure why, but when someone dangles something "jangly" in front of me, I feel the urge to take it from them and bite it.
    ........... I think it's cuz I watched cats do that too many times. It looked like a logical reaction.
    I mean, how else are you supposed to act when someone jingles keys in front of your face? Ignore it? Hell no! It's making a weird sound! It's going "JINGLE JANGLE JINGLE!" WTF?! How the hell is it making that weird sound! It's like a buncha' half-assed bells trying to ring to a tune, but not turning out right! It's like a waterfall of tiny pins hitting rocks made of coins! It's so weird to me...

    ... Although, if it's a bag of coins you're jingling in front of me, I just take it from you. ...no biting, nothin'... Because that's how money sounds like.
    Real money sounds like paper fapping against one another, but I believe money should sound like a bag of coins.
    ... such a beautiful sound. Especially when you pour it onto a table.
    Cling! Clang! Chink! Cling! Clank! Ching! Ching! Ching! Ching! Clink!
    ^-^ Such a beautiful sound! Makes you feel rich.
    It sure does make one feel greedy to hear all that showering of coins inside one bag.

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    Re: Ow...

    ^_^ i've done all that stuff to him (jingling keys and money) and it's true!

    ^o^ you're so cute Darling~

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