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Thread: Papers? Papers?? PAPERS!!!!!

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    Papers? Papers?? PAPERS!!!!!

    I really don't wanna' do my work right now.

    In one class, I had a paper. In the other class, I had a strong quiz that needed a lot of research. In the other class, I didn't look into the syllabus that much and got screwed over as I had to do hours of studying just to get a paper and a test done (in the meanwhile, I also missed another test and paper in the same class due to the lack of syllabus-looking).
    The next week came by and I had another paper for the class that required me to rent a movie. While that happened, I had a test for the other class that required a lot of reading. In the other class, in order to not screw myself over, I decided to do the tests at their time which I had to schedule for.
    The next week came by and I had another paper... While that happened, I had to do some research for an upcoming group project that I was thrusted into. In a completely different class, I had to do a test and was worrying over the scheduling that had me confused since the beginning of the semester (and had me miss a class, even).
    The next week came by, and guess what? Another paper in that class! Then I had to get out of my free days just to do a group meeting that required me to take the bus-train back home (mind you, my group literally takes 6-10 minutes to get to this destination and park. Me? 30 minutes to drive, probably 10 minutes to park. The bus and train home? 2 hours....... oh, and does the meeting start immediately? Nope. I get there 3 hours ahead of them because Abu has to go to work... 3 hours of waiting).
    The next week! ANOTHER paper! And I had to meet with my group again, except this time I had to go an hour (or was it an hour and a half) early due to Abu having to go to her work early. All that time is spent working on my part of the project. The meeting happens and then they decide to kill me by adding a more speaking-skilled presentation! Now I have to ACT WHILE doing the project! I'm not even familiar with the people I have to act as!!! This is not good for me! Not only that, but I had to take a test - which needed me to read A LOT.

    And now we come to today...

    Tonight, I have to write this "last" paper (I believe I'm scheduled for a presentation for the class by next week or the next week).
    I also have to study interviews of the people I have to act as.... *siiiiiiigggghhh*

    And what else? A big test, and two papers for my other other other class.


    I'm a slacker. I procrastinate. I'm a skilled procrastinator, I know how to work at the last minute and get an A if I try hard enough, B if I try casually, or a C for totally not caring!
    But with a schedule like this, I have barely any time to rest!
    I'd rather work during all these times... at least through work I get money... I really despise working for grades...

    I've been bustlin' my butt just to WORK-PLAY.
    Meaning, I haven't had much time to sleep -- I've been playing like crazy to fool my mind to thinking I've had 3 days of time to relax before my next assignment.
    I've spent a good amount of time with Abu, but hardly played WITH HER due to the fact that it slows down the speed I play in. And if I slow down, it feels like I just didn't have enough time to relax!

    (Oh, and before you lecture me that I should do the work ahead of time, let me give you this scenario: AND THEN WHAT? Instant I finish it and have a few days of rest, I'll be given a new assignment and my current assignments will be long out of my head -making me fumble to re-study things to just get back into the game!)

    Paper paper paper........ Ya' don't understand, usually I just drop one of my classes at this rate. And with how cheap this education is (financially, of course), it really wouldn't hurt! But I've dropped so many classes before that it's just WAY TOO MUCH.
    So now I have to stick to this......
    With the "encouragement" that I failed the last class I stuck to (tests were the main part of that class' grade, and the teacher was crafty -she'd fuse lessons together and make a completely new original question out of each thing for the tests...... making it so hard just to study for it).



    ............ I'm a skilled procrastinator... and this semester proves it... as I've fooled my body to believing I've had enough time to procrastinate with my uber-pushed playtime and insanely scheduled clocks and calendars that would literally give me enough time to rest inbetween all this work (which is 3 hours of sleep per day).


    I don't usually push myself like this unless it's for something I work for something I have a passion for...
    I usually work this crazy for projects I'm the head of...

    But this........ this is stupid! D: AAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUGH!!!!

    I won't break down. I've had friends in the past that would have serious breakdowns from working really hard. They were a mess...
    I'm not going down that road!




    ....soda? ....must get soda....

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    Slam Dunk Da Funk Soshi Kitai is making a name for themselves Soshi Kitai is making a name for themselves Soshi Kitai's Avatar
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    Re: Papers? Papers?? PAPERS!!!!!

    Feelin' better now.

    Abu always calms me down in these situations.

    Everythin's good. I can do this.

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