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    Random Post

    Is it random? Or is it a post commenting on what's happened recently?
    Not sure, my subjects jump around so much, I may as well call it random.

    First off, the guilt of not being able to push off the Mario Kart Wii Tourney has been heavy on my shoulders lately - but I can't start it off without being sure that everything is put aside and working properly (if I get cut-off during mid-tourney, I'mma get pissed)...

    It's been a multitude of things that got in the way.
    The main one being: "Abu's Birthday"
    It's in quotes because I don't believe it really "got in the way", as I would believe that the Tourney would have gotten in the way of the Birthday.
    - for me, Abu's birthday is a great excuse to shower my gf with gifts without her feeling guilty. And NOTHING gets in the way of me giving her all my attention when it comes to her birthday.
    ...except for...
    Anniversary? .... if Anniversary and her birthday were on the same day, I'd give more attention to Anniversary.
    But of course, it's not. I'd find it rather one-sided to have an anniversary on either of our birthdays.

    But yeah, for Abu's birthday, I wasn't going to distract myself with a tourney... a full week-and-a-half did I think of her b-day, so for a full week-and-a-half I could not touch the idea of anything else.

    Another thing that got in the way is my current modding interest in Dawn Of War...
    My love for the RTS grew back once I found a few mods to tweak my rather plain Soulstorm expansion. ...but it exploded once I learned (from experimentation and a few tutorials) how to tweak and mod the game myself. Obviously I couldn't really do any 3D-modelling due to me not owning the rather-expensive program, but I could do simple texturing, re-balancing, etc etc...
    Once that passion took hold, I hardly found time for anything else. Constantly spending hours upon hours in the night trying to fix bugs and balancing units to make sure my ideas worked perfectly.
    Not to mention the time spent looking at other people's mods and taking examples from them, and taking inspirations.

    Originally speaking, I was never much for mods... finding them offensive for often ruining games developed by hardworking companies -and manytimes encouraging the piracy of the games. (Obviously it wasn't the CAUSE of piracy, but it encouraged the action)
    I was also against it due to the fact that many games that were modded WEREN'T ALLOWED AT ALL TO BE MODDED ON.

    However, I've noticed some loopholes, allowances, and encouragements from many companies to keep modding as legal as it could get... Dawn of War being one of them (I actually took the time to read the contracts and agreements).

    A reason why the modding in Dawn of War made it so interesting to me, is that there were actually a lack of massive amounts of immature/yawns-worth mods that I usually found in other RTS and FPS mods! Things that actually added new playable units, races, and etc to actually expand the game to an even greater design! ...to me, that was rare.

    So yeah, I got pretty distracted by that. And I still quite am distracted by it - except now I finally satisfied myself as I finally made a great amount of units last week that left me quite satisfied!

    I still play the game, but I'm not working like a madscientist on it as much as I did then.

    Another distraction happens to be Abu's use of a car. A borrowed car, but a car nonetheless.

    *blank look* What? So neither of us have a car. So what?
    Oh right, L.A. and such... no, we Bus'd it everywhere we went back then.
    What would take you people 10-15 minutes in a drive, takes us a good 1-3 hours depending on bus schedules.
    Ah, don't forget to add the drive back! That adds an extra 1-3 hours!

    But with a car, we finally could go to the places that took us forever to get to, in no-time flat!
    ... or even drove to a train station that took us too long to get to!

    So yeah... we had a bit of fun going everywhere for that week and a half. ... Car dates and such.
    ^^; Abu drove though. Not only am I not on the insurance on that car, but I'm also quite the awful driver.

    ... I'm too conscious. Most people shrug their shoulders and just drive down a street and around a corner. I see EVERY. SINGLE. CAR. EVERY. SINGLE. NUDGE. EVERY. SINGLE. PEDESTRIAN. EVERY. SIGN. EVERY. LAMP. POST. EVERY. MAIL. BOX. EVERY. BUILDING. EVERY. FIRE. HYDRANT. ...and it doesn't help that I could see everything in the car I'm driving... you see that sign that says Speed Limit 55? ...well, I can see that my little arrow is twitching below or above the "recommended speed"... so while everyone else is going 60mph, some going 70mph, and even those that go 80mph without a care in the world as long as a cop isn't watching them--- I'm driving the actual speed limit with fear... lookin' like a grandma as I drive.

    So yeah, Abu drives. I'm pathetic at driving. I practiced and practiced, I never get used to it. I just can't get used to it. While you guys see a normal pathway to your friend's house, I see a billion accidents and confrontations waiting to happen! ....... that's right, you better make sure I don't teach your children how to drive.

    I'm not an awful backseat driver though, I feel quite safe in the back. So keep me away from the wheel, and I'm a happy camper! ....er... driver! ...... no wait..... passenger!

    So yeah, we spent some time drivin' around and seein' the places.

    Another thing that got in the way is... Abu's Niece.
    Abu's niece is a bit of a....... ungrateful brat... the kind that watched Hanna Montana too much (or however you spell that).

    But hey, I couldn't exactly blame her with the way she was raised by her mother (or should I say "not raised")... and all the TV she would watch since she was bored out of her mind in that house. (Who wouldn't be? That house is boring as *&(^! ... Abu survived the boredom by sleeping 14 hours of the day away, not exaggerating)
    So she learned from her rather sassy, sarcastic, and uncaring mother as well as uncontrolled TV - on how to react and act. (not to mention the awful friends she made in her school)

    Normally speaking, I'd rather have nothing to do with these kind of kids - despite my care for them.
    However, she was Abu's niece. And for some really odd reason, Abu had a dual-personality for her niece.
    Whenever I showed a lack of care and even disposition towards her niece, Abu would defend her niece and would want to spend time with her to help her grow.
    Whenever I showed an interest in improving her niece, Abu would show a lack of care and strong jealousy over her.

    *shrugs* It came with the territory.

    But why in the world would I show interest in improving her? Because every once in a while, Abu's niece would show some form of redeeming factor... something that made her look like she wanted to be nice, that she wanted better friends, and etc.

    And for a kid like me who has always looked forward to being a father: I can't really ignore a kid who needs a better rolemodel.

    And just as I've done with every kid that "needed me", I put aside time for them with befriending actions of sarcasm, teasing, and playing.
    Because ya' ain't suppose to treat them as a lil' one, ya' suppose to treat 'em as "shorter one".

    But yeah, because of that - I took some days aside in order to let Abu's niece hang-out with us. Showing how one hangs out without being a total jack*ss/b*tch. Abu encourages the kinder actions with light-fun-defensive reactions, and I encourage the aggressive good-willed actions with nonchalant and playful-uncaring reactions.

    Sounds like a boast, these past sentences were. However, I believe it's best to layout your ideas and philosophies in front of others before claiming you're correct in your ways (which is what most people do, especially parents). So it's more of a description than anything else, for those who find my attitude rather annoying.

    So there's that. My days were taken up by her niece.

    Oh right, and I also had finals a few weeks back, that definitely got in the way.

    And lastly, what got in the way was a post-birthday vacation I had with Abu's "family" (no dad. YAY. ).

    T'was fun, though I'm sure Abu'd be quicker to explain it than my ranty self.

    I loved the nice breeze up there, I loved the cold airconditioning, the yummy breakfasts (I'm a breakfast kinda' guy), and the overall quietness of the entire trip.

    Every person needs a break from the city.

    But yeah, that got in the way.
    So does that mean I'm free now to play?

    Hardly. I still have a rather uncomfortable double-date to attend in two days and I need to rest from the trip. ...and school starts up again next week. :/ I'll see what I can do guys, I'll see.

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    Re: Random Post

    i really like you posts Hun~ so nice to read, cuz it's about us! !

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    Re: Random Post

    That niece needs a Wii, that's all. Plus some nice games. She'll definitely turn out right then. When's her birthday?

    I remember all the mods in Oblivion ... heck, they made the game a completely new experience. Just after I finished the game and thought I've seen everything, I got to know that modding stuff. And then I played the game all over again.

    Mods on Dawn Of War sound interesting too. Anyway, I'll be waiting for Star Craft II. I was able to play it at the gamescom and it was quite awesome.
    You are now breathing manually. :P


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    Re: Random Post

    I ain't gettin' her a Wii!

    She can get her own Wii. She already broke Abu's DS and has yet to pay us back.
    For that, I ain't gonna' pay for her Wii.
    If she pays us back, I'll gladly do so.

    'sides, she comes over to play my Wii games ALL THE TIME.

    She does like DS and has a DS now. I'd buy her some DS games, but I'm carefully observing her game-tastes.
    She's an odd fusion of casual and semi-gamer... she tends to like more of the sandbox style games and appreciates jackass-type humor.

    I'm trying to introduce her to more games in order to see what new gaming avenues I could open for her. But I'm takin' it slow and steady. Flooding of games actually gives them a biased-opinion towards certain games.

    So just testin' waters before I can completely figure out her type.

    Reason I'm more stuck to the idea of Dawn of War is that I LOVE infantry. "Bi-pedal flesh infantry", that is.
    ... not a huge fan of robots, vehicles, and etc.
    As much as they were cool, it just wasn't that interesting for me.
    I always prefer them as support, but that's about it.

    And Dawn of War had a lot of bi-pedal flesh infantry. And it seemed to be the focus.

    Starcraft's coo. Just needs more infantry-based battles for me.
    I never liked it when an individual infantry unit got mowed down by vehicles as if they were nothin'. 'Always loved it when infantry could fight back or successfully escape/hold-off vehicles.

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