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Thread: SK gets guidance

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    SK gets guidance

    Recently I had a dream that turned into a nightmare.

    I was in some sort of speech class, and we were doing skits for the day.
    As the group of students finished their skit, the class break started.
    Before I was able to get out of the classroom to wander the campus, the head of the team that did the skit came up to me and handed me a piece of paper.
    It was mostly blanks except for his name at the top of it.
    "Can you get group of people to join my group after the break?" he asked me.

    I then realized his skit wasn't finished, and his members usually left the campus during the break (never caring to come back for the 5 minute prologue).
    I agreed, and went out to find some members for the skit.

    Now I've never seen this school before, but as all dreams go: I recognized it as if I've always went to that college campus.
    It was a dry wilderness with buildings and facilities placed oddly and strategically across the grounds.

    And... er... I got lost, as I usually do.

    Found my way back to the building, disappointed that I couldn't find anyone to fill out the form. I entered the building and went down the usual room, hallway, room, then room to get to the classroom. I then realized the classroom had its lights off. *expletive* I thought...

    I went in and grabbed my bag. But as I went back to exit the building, I realized that a family was settled in one of the rooms. A young pale boy, and a mother and father I couldn't see but knew were there.
    They didn't look in my direction, and I didn't make eye contact with them.

    I presumed that when the classes were over, these buildings would turn back into living spaces for families that lived out here.

    I passed them and tried to exit the building... but when I opened the door that led out to the hallway: I noticed that the door led to a completely different room.
    ...odd, maybe I got lost I thought.

    I started exploring the rooms, getting even more lost as each room differed from the other...

    Then there were the "No" doors. Doors that breathed something... bad...
    Didn't want to go in them, shouldn't go in them.

    Abu eventually ran into me.
    Scared me a bit, but she explained she's been looking all over for me.
    I told her about the strange room-changing, and she seemed to already know about that.

    We went exploring the rooms more, but to no avail.
    No room was the same room we've passed, and it just started feeling darker and darker the further we explored the building for an exit.

    I decided that we should backtrack and try to find the room with the family again.
    Eventually, and thankfully, we did.

    We sat in the room awkwardly for a while...
    Too confused and frightened to keep looking through the doors, yet too shy to ask the family for help.

    Eventually the mother approached Abu.
    Asked her if we were stuck in the building.
    It seems this family knew all about it.

    We had asked if she knew the way out.
    "The building does this sometimes. You know the way out, but it won't be the way out until it should be."

    I wondered whether this meant that it would open when "it was the right time" or when "the conditions were right".

    The mother smiled and offered to help us.

    She opened the door that was supposed to lead to the hallway with the exit, it was another room. She then walked with us down the room and opened the next one, another room.
    With a sigh, she led us back to where her family was.
    She reassured us that the door that would lead to the hallway would eventually turn back into its normal self, we just have to keep checking.

    Abu and I were invited to stay around their "house" for now.
    So we just relaxed and watched television for a while.

    The boy and the father had disappeared, probably to other rooms this room was connected to.

    Every now and again, the mother, Abu and I would check to see if the door would lead to the hallway.

    Eventually I thought to myself "Maybe we have to believe it's the exit in order for it to be..."

    I grabbed Abu's hand told her to believe the same thing, and walked towards the door. The mother walked closely behind us, curious to see if it would work.

    We opened the door, it was a dark room. In the dark room, a couch faced towards us, with a pale man sitting uncomfortably on it - staring at us.
    The mother shrieked, and the man locked eyes with all of us. There was a trickle of blood coming from his lip, and his eyes seemed to stay in a constant state of shock.
    I suddenly thought something strange.

    ...we closed the door immediately.


    The mother started sobbing.
    "That was ______, wasn't it?" (I forgot the name the moment I woke up) I asked the mother.
    She nodded while sobbing.
    "Who was he, ______?" (this time it was her name, but I forgot it as well) I asked her.

    "He was my ex-husband..."

    This all flashed in my head strangely... he died in this house...
    Thoughts circled my head "Driven insane? Yes.. No.. Murdered? Yes.. No.. Killed himself? Yes.. No.."... every question that came in my head would follow with the same "Yes.. No.." response and an image of his life in the house.

    I then realized "Wait. How did I know his name? How did I know her name?". It all had something to do when I locked eyes with him.

    I brushed it out of my head.

    We all sat down, recovering from the shock.

    I eventually noticed something odd and brought it up as an optimistic comment for the mother "Well, this house musn't be that bad.".
    She kept a strange distant smile and answered "How so?".
    "Well, it must open at the right time every time. After all, your family looks alive and healthy. You must still be able to get groceries from time to time. And my class uses the classroom very often."

    Her smile disappeared, but she still had a gentle voice "That's what everyone seems to think. But one thing everyone seems to forget is that... we used to have a dog."
    "Oh..." that dark thought went through my head suddenly.
    "The house wouldn't let us out for 3 years... we had to eat something to survive..."
    I found this comment odd until she followed it with "...time in this house is different from time out there. It was 3 years for us here, maybe only a night outside."

    This thought chilled my spine.

    Abu and I continued to hang out in the house, trying to find things to distract ourselves with. I noticed the husband was back, and was watching the door carefully. Every now and again I would hear a creative expletive come from his mouth every time he opened and closed the door. He was checking the exit for us, a nice man I thought.

    Every now and again, he would disappear from the door, and I would find the door wide open... which felt bad, very bad. So I would close it, and come back often to see if the door was left open again.
    There was something bad in here.. or was it all bad? Or something else? ...explanation was beyond the current languages I knew.

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    Re: SK gets guidance

    At one point, I found the door closed and checked myself if it was the exit. What I found was horrifying by sight. ...a room again, with 3 bodies at the front of the door on the other side, there were claw marks and blood marks on the door. The bodies were still in the same desperate position they were in when they died: hands still stuck to the door. Their bodies were bloody, yet mummified, yet with muk all over it... their bodies looked like horrific imaginations.
    I shut the door immediately.

    Time passed yet the darkness of the house never changed...
    It always felt like it was just before twilight, dark enough to require the dim lighting placed around the house.

    Abu and I walked into the room with the door again. The family was nowhere to be found, but the door was wide open.

    This time though, it was the hallway! And every door after that was open, we could see the outside!

    Abu and I realized that the family must have left the instant they realized the door would let them out.

    Abu and I happily raced down the doors.

    But a door away, the exit closed.
    The door after that closed in front of us, making us crash into it and onto the floor.
    The door behind us suddenly closed.
    Our hearts sank, but my fears kept us from staying in that room.
    I grabbed Abu's hand and slammed the door to the living quarters open.

    We tossed ourselves into the room and slammed the door shut.
    We sighed a frightened and relieved sigh.

    But how long were we going to have to keep doing this?
    How long could we live in this nightmare?
    What did this house want from us?
    What was it?
    What this? Why that? Who when? Where why??

    So many dying questions in my head, as my logic no longer worked in a world run by unknown rules.

    Suddenly, I felt my REAL body feel the touch of Abu's leg.
    My eyes widened "I'm...... asleep?"

    I woke up to find myself on my bed again. Abu still sleeping soundly next to me.

    Big sigh of relief.
    Big sigh of fear.


    I've had frightening dreams before, but these past few months have been more terrifying than ever.
    This one wasn't even my most frightening one!
    This was just my most recent one!


    It's funny...
    When people ask for spiritual guidance, they always get some nice angel or spirit or meaningful dream.
    Whenever I asked for spiritual guidance, I always got an empty answer.

    I would shrug my shoulders since I knew that I was never meant to lead that kind of life. I'm a logical person, who needs to experience things myself in order to fully understand. Spiritual guidance would give me a shortcut that I didn't deserve.

    But all of a sudden, when Abu continually prays for my spiritual guidance in the past few months I get nothing but vicious threats, mental attacks, horrific nightmares, and challenging experiences!

    What the heck?! What happened to sunshine and rainbows and clouds and love?
    Why in the world would my spiritual guidance be that of a trial through hell itself?

    ........ *rolls eyes in disbelief of unfortunate events*

    I mean, I'm damn thankful for all the help I've been getting through these ventures, but seriously -- people get telepathic love and angelic grace, I get hellfire and brimstone? Totally unfair!

    I just honestly want to ask God "WTF??" but what sickens me the most is that I know I deserve this.

    BS! Even though it isn't: BS! D:
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