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Thread: Sleep Spell lvl 99

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    Sleep Spell lvl 99

    I've been with Abu so long that I sometimes forget things that make her who she is.
    Not that I forget her or anything, but because I feel so attached to her that all her actions, personalities, and feelings feel like an extension for me.

    But I forget there are somethings about her that are beyond just an extension that I can be a part of... parts that even I have a hard time taming...

    In the past few days, I started to remember Abu's ability to make anything fall asleep next to her. When she's tired, REALLY tired, she gives off this energy that just..... is....... so irresistibly comforting... and tiring... and so sleepy...

    I had a hard time waking up today since she kept dragging me back to sleep. I really didn't want to sleep... but... it was so hard......

    It's like:

    "Time to wake up! Hey hun, time to-- oh no. Oh no! I don't wanna' go back to sleep! I...don't....... agh! ....hard to...... resist....... noooooooooo......zzzzzzzzzzz..."

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    Re: Sleep Spell lvl 99

    (^_^ )

    how come you didn't tell them about the time i was making people sleepy in Geology class?

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