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Thread: Soooo...

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    How 'bout 'dem elections?

    It's so odd to see something as the "First Time In History", and not really care. ^_^;;
    I guess it's my idea of seeing the world as one object, as opposed two sides, several continents, and countries. Though I do see them as separate, I don't really see a shock in history 'nless it affects more than two parts of the world.

    ...I mean 9/11 may have been America's coming-togetheritude and all, but what made it so special was how the rest of the world was concerned about it as well.

    I do find it touching when people come together. But I find it truly historical when the human race notices something together...

    So, sorry 'bout you guys who might find it offensive that I "don't really care that this is the first African American president the US has ever had" / "don't care THAT much (though I do care) that so many US-residents came together to vote"... I just don't see that much change.
    African-Americans, from what I can see in LA, haven't changed their attitudes/beliefs...
    The rest of the world wasn't that surprised, especially since many of them have had "different" leaders... (though they still did report it on the news... which I always find weird. I mean, the rest of the world always tells America that they're "not the center of the universe", yet they ALWAYS report things that happen in America)
    And then comes the biggest part: He hasn't done anything yet! What if he sucks? O_O

    Ah whatevs... I don't like politics... too many "I'll do it later... actually, the next person will do it, but I promise that I can try"-s and everytime we get a good president, they're either ignored/assassinated/pelted with accusations...
    Never praised. (Unless they're assassinated... or just was a military leader/inventor)

    :/ And I always wonder if the President can TRULY change America... I mean, isn't it the citizens who make the picture of what America is? You have to change the interests of the people, and the President isn't always successful at doing so.

    Whatevs whatevs... Sorry if I insulted anyone.

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    Re: Soooo...

    ^_^ i still love you Darling!

    and i doesn't mind at all that you're not much into politics... we need that probably more than we need politics! keeps ya level-headed and stuff!

    ^__^ you're so ball-sy Hun~!

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