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Thread: Take THAT Dokapon!

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    Take THAT Dokapon!

    ...If anyone knows me intimately, they know I have H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E luck. The kind that makes luck skeptics who make it their job to daily preachings that luck doesn't exist, really question their standpoint.

    Sure, they'll say "It's just a cooincidence". But I have SOOOO MANY "cooincendences" throughout my lifetime, you'd think my sole purpose in life was to suck up all those free-floating cooincidences that haven't affected anyone in the world.

    So, by that standard, games that need a lot of luck (board games mainly) make me DIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.........

    So you can see that I get bad rolls in Monopoly, awful letter choices in Boggle, horrible defeats in Mario Kart, and just plain-old spankings in such a game like DOKAPON KINGDOM.

    ... which sucks, cuz I love games with luck in them. It keeps them exciting.

    ... now, the game Dokapon Kingdom is simple. You make a hero, choose your class, name, look, and color and you head out into the kingdom. You're there to compete with up to 3 other players for a set amount of weeks. Through those weeks you'll be defeating monsters, saving towns, hiring mercenaries, being tricked by quack-doctors, playing rock-paper-scissors with a blacksmith, and etc... with one goal in mind: Whoever has the most Gold by the end of those set amount of weeks, WINS!

    Awesome, right? An RPG Board-game Adventure!
    ...problem is, the best way to win, is to play sneaky and back-stabby.
    ...and falling on random events could literally make a #1 player go down to #4 in one second... even putting him 800,000 Gold in debt.

    It's chaotic. It's insane.
    And it's a hecka' lot fun.

    ...so you could see how a game like this can RAPE me with my awful luck. Fighting against powered-up monsters on my turn (when on the turn before, they were weak as hell), landing on cheating sunsavab*tches taking my money, having a demon put a curse on me, having the other players bully me on their way to victory, and etc...

    But thankfully, since this is a VIDEO GAME, there's one thing it has that normal board games don't: SAVE/LOAD! WHOO!!!

    In all honesty, that's the only thing keeping me alive right now in the game.

    Before I started using it, I was getting DEVOURED by my bad luck.

    And for once, I'm doing GREAT! WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
    *sigh of relief*
    It feels so good to be good in that game.

    ...take THAT! Dokapon!

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    Re: Take THAT Dokapon!

    ^O^ yay Darling! i'll be rooting for you all the way!

    and thank you so much for earning the cleric, Darling!

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