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Thread: Treatin A Lady

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    Treatin A Lady

    Hmmmmmmmm o_o

    I dunno. I'm an observer. Not exactly a people-watcher, since I observe lots of other things. But people are an interesting subject.
    One of the things I wonder when I notice guys is... why do they treat their women like that?

    I'm not looking for a psychological or social-based answer, actually.
    I've already spent years debating with people on that.
    I've learned a lot through those debates, don't get me wrong. But it's just...

    Well at this point, I want to ask it through an innocent lover's eyes.

    Why do you treat your woman the way you do?
    Why do you like it how your man treats you?

    <_< Hmmm...
    Don't look at me like a guy who's asking this question - I'm more of the girl in my relationship. According to Mags, she can relate to guys who have to put up with a nagging girlfriend. ^^; Heheheh...

    From my perspective... I can understand small parts, but not all of it.

    I mean, I like being treated like a trophy at times. Mags loves to show me off. But thing is - if that were all, it'd feel too shallow for a relationship.

    Then there's the whole sex appeal. And trust me, I can see the charm in that. But seriously, that's so empty. It feels good, but doesn't one ever want to be swept off their feet and frolic to a life where they love one another forever?
    Don't look at me with that silly smile! It can happen~ you're just looking in all the wrong guys.

    Then there's the security. And man do I KNOW how that feels. I'm sorta' pathetic for a guy on that end - I like feeling safe around my girl. She may not know how to fight but she's got size to her advantage. ^u^; Like a cat that stands behind their owner when bullied by another cat, I hide behind my girl. She's taller than me, it's like hiding behind a fortress! xD
    ._. Not saying I wouldn't fight to protect my gal, I just prefer it if we're both fighting. I'm a little sneak that needs obstacles to hit and run to win a fight. ...open-field fighting is not for me.
    *reminisces about middle school*
    I always needed a wall to my back. Always.
    Oh! Oh! And the jungle-gym fight was AWESOME! >:D

    Oh oops, I went off track again.
    But anyways~!
    Security! Security!
    Look, as much as I love the security my gal gives me, that definitely wouldn't be enough for me to stick with her!
    ...yeah, being lonely sucks, I know that better than most of ya' know - but I can never stand to be with someone just for the reason that I'm lonely.
    <__< sides, I already had that kind of relationship before.
    It's totally one-sided. And I just feel like a dog who gets the leftovers from the lion's meal.
    After a while you start questioning if you deserve better.
    Then you back away from that question, looking back at how pathetic you are alone, thinking that you don't deserve anyone - so you beat yourself up over it and sink even lower.
    Then you've got some cute guy (or girl on my end) telling you that you deserve better than all that. They just keep pushin' it and pushin' it 'til you break down crying and spill all your nasty memories in front of them. No shame in it, it's what you gotta' do.

    But anyways... there's more to a relationship than just wanting to be with someone, so why do it for that reason?

    Then there's the charming princess-treatment.
    They open doors for you, pull out chairs for you, pay for your stuff...
    It's cute. ^u^ It's sweet.
    o_o But why wouldn't you want to pay them back?
    *hears response* *facepalms* >_< No dammit! Sex with the man may cheer him up and make him happy, but he should want more than that from you!
    Using your body shouldn't be a way to pay someone back... unless it's a one-night-stand and you're not exactly the purest of souls. >:P

    No but seriously, one thing that guys learn from hangin' out with the right girl is that... they really like having a PARTNER.
    Someone who does everything with them and compliments them.
    Sure every dense guy likes a girl who serves him and keeps her mouth shut, but he once he finds the girl who loves the same things he does - he wouldn't mind at all if she was showing him up. It's attractive.
    ^^; Heck, even though I get a little venomous when Mags beats me in my own video game, but it actually kinda' turns me on. I mean, here's a girl that I love, and now she's showin' just how awesome she is in a game that I love~! Double whammy! Hotness! >:3

    I mean... it's sweet that you get special treatment and all, but wouldn't it be nice if your guy looked up to you like how you look up to him?
    Not just in the stupid "you're my inspiration"-kind of way. I mean, that's not really stupid, it's just... It could be more than that!
    Like, they're what you aspire to be.

    <__< I dunno... maybe I just have an odd look at relationships.
    I think one should love their guy/girl like how they'd love a lover, a spouse, a sibling, a child, a parent, a partner, a rival, a best friend, and a stranger.
    I mean, if you're going to spend the rest of your life with them, wouldn't you want it if they're literally ALL you needed? And wouldn't you want to be the same for them as well?

    I dunno. *sigh* I just watch other couples and think they could be happier. I guess that's my old match-making personality speaking though.
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