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    Not sure what to talk about.
    Just killing time, waiting for Abu to get out of her class...

    =_= Dumb classes, making it impossible to add anything.

    Nothing new really, just been playing DBZBT3 due to Rave inspiring me to play again. Got happy since Abu finally used her "cheap" characters again. A truly enjoyable match. ^_^

    Got an ab-workout at PE today... got 3rd best score in that lift-thingy-body-touch-the-floor-with-your-bum-thing-exercise-thingy. Had to do as many within 1-minute. ...I woulda' gotten 2nd, but some girl totally got 1 higher than me. Pshaw.
    And Mr. tall dude (notice how I know no one's name? Yeah, it's like this for every class I end up in) got friggin' 15 more than I did. He must work out a lot... having to lift himself up with those long arms must be a killer.

    Ah well, at least I beat Mr. muscle-head of the class (got 12 less than me). That guy's kinda' annoying... always stretching and working out before our work-out, all-business, no fun. :/ ...why no fun? If you want all seriousness, you pay the membership fee of a gym, cuz that definitely ain't gonna' put a smile on your face.

    My partner today is kinda' irresponsible... or really irresponsible... more like, un-caring.
    Everytime he was supposed to be counting, he'd be either "I think it was 34..." when I haven't even gotten to 16 yet, or be all "Yeah, you can count for yourself." ... Ah well, I could tell he was just taking the class for the credit. I don't mind.

    ^^; Problem was, since he wasn't counting... I had to do 25 more sit-ups (he didn't see me do the 25 sit-ups after the crunches)...

    Love the teacher of the class, a real character. Says things as he sees it. "How can it be racist if it's true?" ^_^ Not afraid to call people out, or label old misconceptions onto his students. But he does it in a funny way, so no one's offended. He never means to offend.
    A 60-year-old man that could outrun most of us "young strapping/foxy students".
    ^_^ We need more teachers like that.

    So yeah... after all that stuff, I was worn out... arms, abs, legs... all so wobbleh~!
    ~wobble wobble~

    But I'm fine now... (hope I don't feel it later tonight)

    ... >_> Y'know... in hindsight, I shoulda' brought the headphones here... could listen to some online radio stuff about now.

    But yeah...
    Also, there was a spider in my hair again today... and when I tried to shower it off, it struggled to try to latch onto my face. @_@

    Abu should be getting out soon... but I'll wait for the call.
    Hope the boxset of DBZ's in Walmart today. It's been over two weeks, so they SHOULD have it.

    Also, has anyone seen Eat Lead?
    YouTube - Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard Video Preview
    I think it's hilarious, so I'm totally gonna' get it.

    People keep whining about "Boooo~ average gameplay!!!", but:

    1) Why concerned about the average gameplay? I just love the concept and script of it! You guys totally missed out on The Bard's Tale. ^-^ Such a silly game. Worth my money when I got it.
    2) ...What's wrong with average gameplay? Most of you kids get sequels with high graphics and new guns, and it's still piss-poor average. Sure, there are exceptions, but I'm not talking about those.
    3) ...Halo 3's average. You know what makes it fun? ...it being fun.

    Ah whatevs... I'm sure most new gamers wouldn't really understand the game anyways.

    Speaking of comedies...
    I still wonder to this day... WHY CAN'T COMEDIES RECEIVE OSCARS?

    I know they CAN. But they just never do.
    ...Little Miss Sunshine totally deserved one.

    I'm not a die-hard fan of that movie like Abu was, but I still think if any comedy movie were to break the mold of "comedies don't deserve oscars", I think LMS needed to.
    I think comedies deserve a lot more than we give it... it gets people out of low-feelings and makes people more light-hearted.
    Much more than we can say about many Romance movies.
    Though I still am a sucker for them.

    Soooo... yeah...

    Wow, seemed like I talked more than I thought I would have.
    ...not sure why I said "wow", it shouldn't be surprising by this point.


    And that's the end of my show! DONK!

    EDIT: Also... people need to learn some respect around the computer labs... Having your volume on high while you're watching Youtube??? ...seriously? Get some headphones! Cheap ones go as low as a dollar!

    EDIT: WTF?! Two weeks since last time I went, and DBZ Season 8 is still sold out!!! >__< I mean, I know it's the season Vegeta totally becomes a hero, but it's also the season Gohan's a total douchebag! It can't be THAT popular!

    EDIT EDIT EDIT: Oh, and got myself Street Fighter IV, a used copy of Steambot Chronicles (to replace my lost one), and a used copy of Feel the Magic XY|XX (because Rub Rabbits was awesome and I've always been trying to find this game)...
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