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Thread: Valkyria Break!

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    Valkyria Break!

    Taking a break from Valkyria Chronicles. I'm WAAAYYYY TOO AHEAD compared to Abu's file. Like... 10 chapters ahead.

    And seeing that I'd always play that thing from 10pm-6:30am, I think it'd be nice if I got back to a healthy sleeping pattern.
    ...it's still a bit hard though... last night, I constantly wondered what to do, feeling awake so late into the night.

    Anywho, I've given my Wii a break lately (except for the sudden bouts of DBZBT3 mayhem), but I'm thinking of getting back into it again.

    Oh, and I've been using my 360 like mad crazy lately. Ever since I FINALLY got my wireless adapter (trust me, saving up $100 isn't easy when you constantly think "You know, with $100 I COULD just get..." ...and trust me, there's a lot to get for $100 and lower), I've been trying out all the Live things I've wanted! Like... downloading videos! And streaming from my computer! And getting demos on games that seemed iffy (I hate demos, it takes away the magic of the game once you obtain it... but there are some games out there you really have to try before you buy... *coughcoughtwoworldscoughcough*) ! And downloading add-ons! ... and... er....

    ...yeah, that's about it.

    No... no online multiplayer.
    I don't like the Xbox community. I didn't like them in the original Xbox, and I definitely don't like them now in the 360.
    Though the community isn't perfect, the Sony community is at least more friendly (MGO MADNESS).

    Tomorrow, I'm gonna' go cash a Christmas check for $50 and get 2 old 360 games with them (or 1 old, and 2 dvds). I really need me some Crackdown (yeah I know, I'm late... but hell, so many games came out at that time... on the DS ).

    Anywho... I'm gonna' get back to DBZBT3...
    I gotta' memorize some combos so I can teach Abu how to play her characters.

    So as to apologize for the lack of Wii Referral (once again), I leave you with this:

    Tatsunoko vs Capcom - IMPORT IT TODAY (if you can... I can't T_T)

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    Re: Valkyria Break!


    it was all like punch-kick-ptow!-ptow-clash-clash-ching!!! so t3h awesome!!

    ^O^ AMERICA NEEDS THIS GAME!! JUST HAVE LITTLE BIOS TO EXPLAIN ALL THE CHARACTERS AND THEY'LL BE FINE!! and if anyone complains, just tell them to "shhhhhh!! we're playing!!"!!

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