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Thread: VG stuff

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    Re: VG stuff


    Champions Online, that is.

    It's not the first time I've ever brought my team from the brink of destruction to the celebrations of ultimate victory....... but it's the first time I've ever done it in Champions Online - and with a character I hardly would think would have done such.

    Ya' see, I originally created a kinda-scrawny hero who was good at gadgeteering. Odd thing was, he wasn't that great in much else.
    A strong tank could just flick their finger in his direction, and he'd die.

    However, what I made him lack in life expectation, I made him diverse in survival skills.
    The boy doesn't have good health, so most healing powers would be rather pathetic, as it would do nothing as give him one more second to live --though useful, I'd prefer 3 seconds.
    So I gave him a skill that heals him for every damage he sustains for a short amount of time.
    Not only does this only last for a VERY short amount of time (2 seconds? 3 seconds?), but if there's a powerful enough person, they'd damage me to the point where the heal is completely nullified.

    Useless? Well no - as it gives me enough time for my next trick.

    A smoke bomb.

    Stealth in this game is laughable. Players can see stealth players as if they were wearing a bright orange jump suit. For this reason, most people avoid stealth-granting skills. Smoke bomb is one of them.
    But what most people don't realize is that smoke bomb makes me removed from people's aim, everyone that was aiming at me at the moment of the bomb impact will lose their aim.

    That gives me enough time to hop on a hoverboard and make a flight for a corner to hide in. Obviously I don't have much time as they'll soon figure out what the hell just happened.
    So that's when my next power comes in!

    A power that renews all my reloading attacks - it removes 20 seconds from their load, which is enough for me.
    Not only that, but the power will heal me small amounts of HP as it rejuvenates my powers.

    Does that mean I make a counterattack?
    Yes or no, really.
    Yes means suicide, I'm running back into the field just to get one last shot in.
    No means I fly off and find another place to hide until ALL my powers are ready to fight again.
    No can also mean that I take the time to place my bots around the corner for the enemy to run into as they come chasing in my direction.

    My main attacks? Bots that attacks those I aim at (or automatically attacks those they see as a threat), that can turn into turrets that do continuous damage.
    My experimental blaster that has odd chances of doing different effects. It can be strong, it can be weak, it can knock back enemies, it can stun enemies, I sure as hell don't know what it'll do next. Why get this power? ...in all honesty it's the only power that matched my character's frail looks. However, it does have good distance, and it's quite useful for hunting down enemies that try to run with low HP.
    And my main attack? Orbital cannon! It shoots a giant laser from the sky down unto the enemy. Dealing large damage. I gave it an advantage that it lasts longer and chases the enemy. That way, it can literally drag a line of damage to any running enemy- causing damage to their allies or causing more damage unto a standing enemy.

    So... what else?
    Ah right, I have two kinds of holds.
    One kind is the type that puts the enemy in a force bubble. It's my "secondary hold", and it blocks them from certain amounts of damage, but it's my fastest attack that can hold - so it often catches unsuspecting enemies.
    I usually use that hold as a last resort. If an enemy constantly comes at me, that hold keeps them still as I make a run for it - it usually takes them a while to realize that happened. It also has another use that I'll talk about later on.
    My other hold is an electrocuting shock that can hold the enemy for quite a long time. Man do I love it. It takes a while to charge, though, so I use it when the enemy can't see me.

    Is that all?
    I sure hope not.
    I've got healing drones. They not only give me the extra seconds of life to give time to think of a new plan, but they also heal my allies and my bots. I prefer them healing my bots, in all honesty.

    Well, I've got a shrink ray! It doesn't do much but it shrinks the enemy AND debuffs their stats. Making them more susceptible to my attacks - while making them slightly weaker -making it easier for me to survive.
    Last but not least, I've got my power armor shield! A digital-looking shield that I can take a good amount of damage. I use it as a great way to survive long enough 'til my next plan - or to use it to survive long enough to lure the enemies into my trap.

    But that's actually not all, I've got several devices that would make me seem like I have much more powers than that!
    I've got forcefields, slowing storms, summoning hoghyenas, summoning zombies, summoning gun turrets, healing devices, a ghost gun, psi-shields, summoning raptors, etc etc etc.
    I've got tons of 'em. But I rarely use them as most of them can only be used a certain amount of times before they expire.

    But when I get desperate enough, using one of those powers definitely does turn the tides.

    So... what of the awesome PvP battle?
    Well, throughout the battle I kept dying. Rather fast, actually.
    My character's scrawny and can't take much blows. His shield is the only thing that keeps him alive most times. However, many Players on the opposing team had shield-breaking moves. ...so yeah. Pathetic boy dies right then and there.

    But not really...

    You see, throughout the entire time, I was testing several things.
    I found out who was the easiest to keep in a hold.
    I found out who was the biggest threat to me.
    I found out the weak and strong spots of the enemy.
    I found out the habits of the opposing team.
    I found where people usually run to at what time.
    I found every blind spot.

    ^.^ Did it feel good once I finally had an objective that I set up for myself: Turn off the villain console.

    You see, in this PvP match, it was heroes vs. "villains". One team would be villains trying to break out, the heroes would try to defeat them and put them back in.
    To do this, the opposing team had to defeat the main leaders of the other team. However, there's powerful turrets along the way, and the halfway point is where most of the PvP battles take place.
    The halfway point is also where you can summon reinforcements. ...so people would constantly try to stop each other from summoning reinforcements during battle.
    There's also consoles on each side, both consoles are protected by turrets and AI enemies. Turning off the console allows AI reinforcements to spawn there, allowing the reinforcements cross a vast distance that would've taken them a long time.

    BTW, though I died several times, I helped my teammates a lot by holding enemies and giving them extra health. So I wasn't totally useless, I just died a lot.

    I watched and waited. Died several times trying to accomplish my goal. But then I noticed something...

    The villains hardly defended their half of the building. It was most likely because we kept sending in troops from the the other side.

    So I made a sudden shift of tactic. I would lead the villains towards me, back off into a corner where our turrets were.
    If they were stupid enough, they'd try to fight me.
    If they were smart enough, they'd back off and wait for me to come out.

    I got rid of the stupid one who tried to attack.

    I would then pop in and out to tease them, but they would just stand watch waiting for me while still dealing with my teammates.

    I held one of them and I backed up and made a dash to the other side.

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    Re: VG stuff

    I knew I couldn't survive against the turrets, but I could get passed them with my smoke bomb! But I only had (literally) one second before the turret would auto-target me again, giving me only one second to get around one corner.
    I did it as fast as I could, I held one of the turrets then smoke bombed. I ran as fast as I could around the corner and stayed at the dead end.

    A couple enemy players ran past, not noticing me thankfully.

    I set up my bots and drones. Picking off the AI enemies blocking the villain console. Pull 'em in and kill 'em before any enemies would appear. By my estimations I only had about 20 seconds to do this before a dead enemy respawns and runs past again.

    Got them in 20 seconds.
    Hid on the other side of the corner as a villain player ran past.

    I went to run around the corner to get to the console, but I noticed one of the turrets aimed at me.
    I suddenly backed up and held it.

    I had 3 seconds before the held wore off.
    I ran to the console and activated it, it takes around 2 seconds for it to fully access.

    Done! It called in reinforcements to that exact spot, skipping a turret and the player villains in the other room! They had no idea this was happening!
    Most times, when heroes would try to team with the reinforcements, they would die since the turrets were just too strong, despite the damage they dealt to it.

    But you see, I'm not here to damage...
    I'm here to hold.

    I held the remaining turret long enough for the reinforcements to destroy it. BAM! We were in!
    My team noticed what was happening and charged in!
    Without the protection of that turret and the reinforcements pouring in, the villain leaders and the villain players just couldn't hold us all back.
    Then came the biggest threat.

    A single enemy whose been my pain throughout the entire fight... the one responsible for 13 of my 15 deaths.
    He struck hard, broke out of holds easily, and could regen his health like mad. ...and he was after the reinforcements.

    The reinforcements aren't powerful individually, but together they can chip away at any villain's life to make a difference. ...but they were far from invincible. If he got rid of the reinforcements, we wouldn't have enough firepower to get rid of the rest of the guards and we'd be pushed back!

    I held him.
    He was used to this tango, so he used his skill to break out of the hold.
    What he never knew is that I never used by secondary hold throughout this entire match.

    He just wasted his skill.

    I placed my secondary hold on him and threw everything I had at him. He broke out and knocked me across the room. I used my renew-power and placed another hold on him. His skill was recharged and broke out, but my secondary hold was ready again and I held him again.

    That was enough! It was enough time! The reinforcements and my team destroyed the villain leaders!

    ^_____^ WHOOOOOOOOOOOO~!!!! YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    F*** YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love underdog victories. They're the most satisfying.

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    Re: VG stuff

    you're so smart~


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    Re: VG stuff

    Wii Shop Channel finally has some WiiWare demos.
    So you people that have been refusing to buy WiiWare games better start trying out those games.

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