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Thread: Whew... headache...

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    Whew... headache...

    Head's killin' me a bit. Woke up a little "early"... not really early, it was already 1:00pm. But considering I stayed up 'til 7:30am, it was rather early...
    Woke up to my dog barking with the consistent "bark ... *pause* ... bark ... *pause* ... bark" that he uses for about an hour until I wake up to feed 'im.

    Arggh... not only that, but I've been wearin' my glasses all day today and yesterday. I just beat Fallout 3 today, and I beat InFamous two days ago.
    Both awesome games.
    Argh, thin' is though, I gotta' wear glasses when I play high-graphics games on a TV. Computers are okay, the screen's RIGHT AT MY FACE, so no details disappear. But on a TV, high definition games blur up if I don't wear my glasses.
    ...and wearing my glasses for long amounts of time give me headaches...

    So... the idea of wearing my glasses for obviously more than 7 hours at a time for the past 4 days, stayin' up 'til 7am and wakin' up at 1pm (at least it wasn't 8am), having no breakfast or lunch at all yet (I don't tend to eat when Abu's not around. Don't really find a use for it. ), having to be woken up by that aggravating barking pattern, having been stressed two days back from heavy PE workouts + aggravating enemies in InFamous, having been stressed yesterday for missing out on going out on one of the most perfectest weathers I've seen in a while + constant multi-tasking and organizing in Fallout 3 in order to rush me towards the end while still getting all the things I wanted done, and being stressed about 4 days ago from the aggravating minigames from MySims Party =
    And you have yourself a formula for a pretty bad headache... considering I didn't really do much to ease the pain for the past few days.

    But it'll go away today. It usually does after I've finished everything I wanted to finish.

    Gotta' catch up on the Wii games still, tho. Abu convinced me not to purchase a game two days back, and I've been on a roll on getting 1 Wii game per week. Sooo... missing out on one week threw off my schedule for a bit, but that's okay, I need to take a break from all these games anyways. My brain's overloaded with information.

    I think I'll go wash my face and have something to eat... maybe watch somethin' on the pictcha'box.
    I hope Batman the Brave and the Bold is on today.

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    Re: Whew... headache...

    *kiss on the head* i love you Baby~ you're so good~

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