Okay, maybe I don't need that much "me" time. ^_^

I was working on some of my homework last night and it flew by pretty quick. I thought it was gonna be a bit more complicated than what it actually was when I started. There's more reading than actual work. LOL.

So, I'm gonna finish the rest of it tonight and take some time to finish some drawings and maybe scan some of them, so I can start working on my cel shading. I'm not too great at it. I do have an example of how much I know about cel shading on my Tumblr blog, if anyone's interested.

I was gonna post more of my thoughts but, I'm on the bus and have to get off soon. I'll probably post another entry later (because I have some thoughts that need to be pushed out my head). Enough of my pointless ranting about school and my lack of time.