I just got home about twenty/thirty minutes ago and ChaosTempest reminded me that I need to go buy cereal. So, before I go with him on our crazy journey to the store--all missions on foot turn out to be pretty entertaining--I'd like to share some random thoughts:

Shiver me timbers, matey! Piracy is makin' a comeback--ARRR!!!
It's too bad that they're not as cool as pirates from back in the days of rum, cannon fire and anal sex. Seriously! None of these so-called "pirates" in our time fit the bill. They've all got each of their eyes in tact. Legs too! None of them speak in cool archaic-pirate tongue, they all seem to be missing their parrots and where's the damn 'Jolly Roger'?? I haven't even seen a single ship. A lifeboat or two, maybe a dingy but, never a ship.

Do pirates get to watch movies that are rated "ARR"?

Okay, I gotta run to the store--I've got other things to do as well but, I'll be back tonight with more thoughts to share with you guys. ^_^