...Rises a brand new MacBook!

A friend of mine spilled coffee on the table and my laptop sucked it all up, pretty much. My screen went white and the Mac just shut down before I could power off and pick up my computer. When I did pick it up, about 3/4 of that cup of coffee came out of my computer. Sad day.

They quoted me at about $755 to repair it and said it was accidental damage, so my warranty wouldn't cover it. I almost cried! I'm a broke college student, y'know. So, the guy at the Apple store said, "But... We're gonna cover the cost of repairs!" I danced around the Apple store. (Speaking of the Apple store, they're opening a Microsoft store directly across form Apple. I seen some Apple employees peeking through the curtain--spying on the competition, LOL) ^_^

Anyway, they sent the MacBook to the repair center about two days ago. Yesterday, I get a call from the repair center stating my computer was damaged beyond repair. OUCH! So, I was at a loss and thought I pretty much wasted a thousand bucks. The guy I spoke to on the phone was a supervisor and said he'd try to work with me. He called the store I bought the MacBook at and they offered me $755 in store credit toward the purchase of a new laptop. I told the guy that I don't have the money to back up that kind of a purchase. He put me on hold again. Thirty minutes pass and he gets back on the phone. The man--who's name is Jeffrey and is a GOD--said he didn't feel right about the $755 credit and was on the phone with customer relations and when all was said and done, he talked them in to having the Apple store replace my MacBook with a brand new one! Holy cows!!!

I almost cried... again! He said it's his way of saying "Merry Christmas" early. I thanked him a thousand times. Maybe more. LOL. Either way, here I sit with a shiny new MacBook. I did have to sacrifice my data though. Actually the damage took my data with it. >_< But, whatever. I didn't waste a grand on computer hardware. I'm so friggin' happy, I could burst! *explodes*