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Thread: Finals are coming up...

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    Finals are coming up...

    ...And I am feeling like I have way too much to do!

    My final "exam" for color theory is to turn in my color journal (which is a collection of my findings and research) and I still have much to do and even more to print. Final project for layout & design is to create a poster. I know, sounds fun. Actually, I'm sure it sounds easy... Well, I don't get to create any ol' poster I want. I have to create one about the same guy I did my two page article spread on. Not difficult yet, not easy. I have to think long and hard about that project. My instructor is hard to please when talking about unifying a elements in a design. Drawing 2 is probably the easier of the classes. I have a couple drawings to finish and I'll be ready for final critique. Then, there's Photoshop...

    That class is easy as pie. Yet, my final project is a pain in my rear... I have to make an animated short in photoshop and use it as a portfolio of sorts, to prove that I listen to instructions and read my textbooks. Which I didn't/don't do most of the time. I knew all about Photoshop and how to use it before I took the class. I'm only taking it for the college credits.

    I dunno where I'm going with this rant. I just have way too much work to do and I'm running out of time to do it... Maybe I can get away with doing some of my work at my job. Hmm...

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    Re: Finals are coming up...

    Wooah wooah wooah, Atomik! Slow down and take a breather, lol. Seriously, I know how ya feel man. I often am reminded, at times like what you're going through, of an old saying of Wyatt Earp's, "Take you're time, in a hurry." It doesn' only apply to gunfighting, but this situation as well. Everything always seems like it's in a crunch during finals, that's why I never liked them and still feel that they should be banned, and stress levels jus' go too high. But the trick is in keeping calm during the whole ordeal and it's not as easy as it sounds. I had one way of dealing with the stress during finals when I was in collage, I made sure that I took time out of my day, not too long though, to do something that I knew would relax me. I don' know if that would help you, but you're more than welcome to try it. Good luck man, I'm sure that you'll be jus' fine.

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