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Thread: Haters Anonymous

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    Haters Anonymous

    Me and a close friend of mine were talkin' one day and the topic of A.A. (Alcoholics Anonymous) came up. Sometime during the conversation, it went from serious talk about it--My friend is actively involved in meetings--to joking about it. Eventually, we decided we're gonna open up a 'Haters Anonymous' group for those who just can't quit hatin', LOL. "Yeah, I wake up every mornin', take a swig of Haterade and start hatin' instantly! Sometimes, I can't sleep without hatin' on a mutha f*cka!"

    Anywho, I've decided to start a 'Haters Anonymous' thread. Not sayin' that everyone's a hater, but we do catch ourselves showin' hateresque qualities from time to time, right? If you feel the urge to hate on someone, do it here.

    Example: "I want to punch Lil' Wayne right in his gold coated teeth! His rhymes never make sense and the dude can't ever record a song without using auto-tone (that makes for sh*tty live performances)! And I swear he writes more about piss and sh*t than anyone I know!"

    Fire away!

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    Re: Haters Anonymous

    i'm hatin' on the fact that i'm still hungry after i ate dinner! argh! take that, stomach!

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    Re: Haters Anonymous

    Closing this journal entry on grounds of Excessive Swearing.

    Atomik, you know better that profanity isn't tolerated on this board, and your journal doesn't give you a free pass either. You're lucky I had a good night raiding with my guild on WoW, and I'm in a good mood, cause I would have given you an infraction.

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