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Thread: Hello Journal!

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    Hello Journal!

    Wow! It's been a while! Almost forgot I had a journal here, LOL.

    I haven't been on the ol' computer much unless I'm gaming, so I've been absent everywhere online. I have art projects piling up and I'm starting to cave in from them all. I need to start saying no to people, because I can't seem to finish anything these days. I've got unfinished photoshop works, drawings, stories, music, etc. Blargh!!

    So to those who've requested art from me, it's gonna be a while longer. I can't make any promises when I'll be done... But for now, I'm taking a break. Sorry. Keep your ideas fresh in mind though, you're requests are never forgotten.

    During said break, I'm playin' Gunbound! ^_^

    If anyone's ever played, you should log in and come play. I recommend that people who've never played try the game. It's addictive and fun (or is it fun and addictive?). I'm tryin' to get some guild members too, so uh... *coughs*

    What have I been up to lately? ....... Hmm...

    Work, sleep, little guitar here and there, hangin' out with bratling & her baby's daddy, uhh... Work, eating, little SFIII:3S here and there, playin' bingo at the casino, drinking coffee and staying up way too late, uhh... Did I mention work?

    I finally got Edler Scrolls III to work on my laptop, which makes me very happy and I also downloaded Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory recently. W:ET is pretty fun. Ugh. I'm babbling now....

    I need to find something new to do. My life feels pretty routine. It's winter, so I stay in the house, which doesn't help me much--damn weather!--and I work, so I have little free time. Ick, I hate winter. It's cold and everybody's pissy. Or maybe, I'm the only pissy one, LOL. I don't deal with winter well.

    Well, I will end my long babble now. ^_^

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    Re: Hello Journal!

    Wooo coffee and sleep deprivation!! It's my favorite theme lately apparently too. How is edler scrolls? I might could play that. Since wokfenstein and gunbound aren't my bag. I miss survival project mightily. Not that I played much but it WAS fun. If I could find something like that we could totally game. Yep. I need something to do when we stay at home anyways!
    You'll come over and play music for the baby when she's here right?!! (It'll be too cold to be taking her out much other then the nessisary appointments. Not to mention I'll be even more tired then I am now. I must get better before then. Stupid cold/flu/winter-sickness-bullshit!) We could provide a ride. Just not all the time. Or maybe not both ways all the time. But I'ma miss hanging out anyways once I'm confined to the house.

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    Re: Hello Journal!

    Go pick up Left 4 Dead man so we can go woop some zombie ass lol.

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