Between school and work, I'm exhausted. I feel like there's this little troll that follows me around and drains my energy from my body. It's my day off (both school and work) today and I still have crap to do. It sucks. Midterms were this week. I think I passed all but one. Color Theory... *shakes fist* Our professor really threw us a curve ball with those questions in the test. It's cool though. I'll find a way to pass that class by the end of the semester.

My instructor in Drawing 2 (who was also my painting instructor last year) says I shouldn't worry about getting As, as long as I'm learning. Well, why did you give me three points shy of an A for midterm then? Of course I'm gonna want an A, if you're putting my grade close to one. Hell, I want A's across the board! "Oh, don't worry, Sprout. Grades are arbitrary. That's just the man putting you in a state of mind to get you all riled up and forget about what art is really about," Says my professor. Maybe he's right. I dunno. The man is five/six years older than me and has a similar background to my own. Maybe I agree with him to a degree because we just have similar personalities. I'm thinking too hard about it, I suppose.

Peach always tells me that I think too hard. I like to think that people don't think enough. Apparently, I should be thinking harder. My drawing instructor says I have the techniques down and I have the skill. He's worried about whether or not I can create some sort of content that will speak to people or, have some sort of message. He basically wants me to start using my work to be more expressive. Which I can do, when it's not for school. Here's how I see it. You tell me what to draw, I draw it. Done. Now, all of a sudden, I have to be expressive for a grade? What do these people want from me? LOL.

Ugh... I'm done venting about school. Maybe I'll come back and vent about my job later. ^_^