So, for the most part, all I've been doin'--artistically--is play my guitar. I haven't really worked on my manga project due to writer's block. I did a new sig and avatar, but I gotta wait for some issues to be resolved before I can upload and use them.

I've got a bunch of drawings/sketches from when I was riding the bus to and from during this and the last summer, so I think I'm gonna scan and post them on the internet. Thing is, I don't know what I'm going to do with them before I post them. I may color them before I scan or, I could do it on Gimp. Or, I could just leave them as they are. ^_^

I still have my digital self-portrait project that I'm working on, but I haven't worked on it in a few weeks. I think I'm getting too lazy or something. I don't sleep enough and I'm barely home anymore, so when I AM home, I watch anime and fall asleep in front of my laptop.

I decided today that I need to quit slackin' because, all it's doing is making me dull. I'm gonna finish working on making new brushes for Gimp today. I probably won't scan them and save them as .gbr files til tomorrow, but they'll be drawn out by tonight. AAH! So much art and so little time to do it all in, LOL.