I'm sitting in Caribou Coffee, drinkin' a hot cup of joe and eating a scone and I feel so relaxed. It's just me, the macbook, a cup of coffee, a book, and my art supplies. *sigh of relief* I feel at peace.

I'm almost caught up with my homework, I have only one art project to finish in GIMP (yeah, I still use it periodically), two paintings to work on which I'm picking up from school tomorrow and all the time in the world--or at least until Saturday when I go back to class, LOL--to do what I want. Woot!

It's a weight that giants use to train for boxing has been lifted from my shoulders. I feel like I can finally do some stuff for me and not for school or others. Not that I don't mind helping people and school rocks, BTW. I just feel so... Aaah... I guess calm is the word I'm looking for.

I'm gonna show my DeviantArt account some love later on today. I have three images in my DA gallery because, I pay too much attention to Tumblr. LOL. So, When I finish my project, I'll upload it. (My username on DA is atomiksprout.)

Other than the awesome feeling of having "me" time, things are goin' pretty okay, despite the lack of employment. I could use a hug from time to time but, I'll live. ^_^

Well, I'm off to drink coffee and work on my GIMP project, while lurking on AO, Facebook and Twitter.