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Thread: *sigh*

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    So much to do and so little time...

    I've gotta go to court this week, I have like fifty or so signs that I gotta help carve before X-mas, THEN--once my seasonal job is over with--I'm more than likely goin' to in-patient rehab (by my own choice, not because I have to). I have to go to an assessment for that tomorrow... Fun! *sarcasm*

    What else?... I got thirty days of sobriety yesterday! Yay me! It's pretty much thanks to goin' to meetings and takin' advice from sober folk. Well, that and I don't do much of anything but work and sleep now. >_< I haven't really had too many urges, but when I get them, I get them pretty hard--they only last for a few mins though. It's usually when I'm stressed out at work, then I smoke like three cigs, meditate then pray and I'm cool again. My homeboy Sherm told me that when I get the urge to drink, I should fight it like Mohammed Ali fought the Spanish Inquisition with his bare fists, LOL!

    I haven't been playing too much guitar lately, due to my busy schedule, so when I do play, I feel rusty as hell. I am, however, writing a song about Blaster Master (NES) and it's turning out pretty good. Anybody think I should upload it to YouTube? I'll be willing to share it if anyone wants to see it. ^_^

    I'm working on digital portraits now and I've gotten myself backed up on that project due to work and guitar, court and trying to put myself in rehabilitation. I've gotten halfway through ONE portrait and probably won't get close to working on anything else until people send me the images they want me to use for said portraits. I hate when people request art and expect me to pick a photo to use. Then I gotta hear, "Ugh. Why'd you pick that photo?" So, I tell people to send me an image, or a link--at the very least--and I get no response. So if I don't get anything, they're screwed, cuz I'm not puttin' in that kind of effort (lookin' for pics to use and such) unless they're paying me, cuz I'm lazy at the moment.

    Anywho, that's all that's new with me. OH! I got invited to go see 'Ninja Assassin' this week, so I may have to go check it out! Has anyone seen it yet? I'd like to know whether or not it's good; so I'm not walking in to disappointment. ^_^

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    Re: *sigh*

    1. Yay!
    2. Yes put it on Youtube.
    3. If you're expecting a lot from Ninja Assassin within the 00's standards: End up disappointed.
    If you're expecting a lot from Ninja Assassin with the 90's standards: It's awesome.

    It's really a movie that you're watching for the action. Ninja action.
    ...wannabe ninjas get disappointed with the movie, real ninjas are impressed by the movie, and those who don't think ninjas exist complain throughout the entire movie.

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    Re: *sigh*

    \(^o^)/ totally post your song, atomic! too awesome!

    sorry about sucky request people! they just think you can magically conjure up whatever they have in their head, and make no effort to actually tell you what they're thinking. . . INGRATES!

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