well my mom and gran gran(grandpa, my nickname for him) sat me down one time and said every male in our family did bad in school, and went into drugs or alcohol. they said were going to get me therapist now so when i follow in the footsteps, i won't be screwed.
imagine how i felt. my sister is perfect-model, barely drinks, lives on her own, smart.
but me? me and my best friend(also my cousin) have already tried weed, drank, and we suck at school. is it cursed? or is it self-fulfilling prophecy? i had girlfriend who broke up with me, and the last thing she said to me was, "Your mom was right!"
i think that i believed my mom, so i ended up just giving up, not fighting it because i thought it was just genetics.- wrong. i could do better. it's my own fault,i gave into it.
i never worked at anything in my life. then when i tried to have a girlfriend, no wonder it never worked. i can't blame my family for my mistakes. but i don't like it when parents put the thought in your head, but its up to you to decide to change it or not.