I swear.
All the time.
It IS a problem for me.
But since my nephew is the profane two year old you mention that repeats everything after people. I try to curb my tongue. Not to mention I feel uncomfortible and unatural swearing around small kids. Especially my daughter for some reason.

I find myself swearing less now that I'm a mom. I still swear. A ridiculous amount. But it's tapered off a little. And I don't find swearing nearly as ok and as FUUUNNY as I used to. I think that is also because of the kids in my life.

I also find it extremely annoying now when someone swears excessively. Like my sister. Jesus. If I heard my kid talking the way hers does, knowing it was my phone and personal conversations that she was imitating, I'd feel like a trashy looser. Likewise I find it annoying when people swear a lot around my daughter or niece. And yeah I know they hear it all the itme, I know I swear. However I try not to swear around other peoples kids, it makes me feel weird and wrong and I would appreciate others not teaching my kid their dirty language.

Random fact: My grandparents NEVER swore around me in english. If they did, the apologized right away and told me how unlady like and how impolite it was to do such a thing. It was a big deal. Even though the only time I remember it happening is when my grandpa did something like hit himself with a hammer.