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Thread: What happened to most of my friends here?

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    Re: What happened to most of my friends here?

    Quote Originally Posted by Abu Dhabi View Post
    it's like an ocean tide, ya know? that's how it is for me at least, and Soshi comes around when he's inspired or has to write something in his journal~

    no other forms of online communication? like email? or whatever else the kids use these days?
    I have email and all that jazz but, I like me some AO.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sazzy View Post
    Remind me via PM's to log into the AO IRC chan :P I forgot all about it to be honest. I stayed logged in there for a while but then no one else entered

    I am still alive, but I'm drawing a lot more on DA, as I'm now taking art requests :P
    I've been ignoring my DA account. I dunno why, but I just don't really use it. I DO, however, use Tumblr. They have a lot of really good artists. ^_^ I'll definitely PM ya the next time I log on to the IRC channel.

    Quote Originally Posted by HolderOfTheDarkChalice View Post
    im still here man i just havnt found anything good to post on in a while. i have to admit though some of the guys i knew have vanished as well . wish some of them would come back so we could have some good threads to post on.
    Yeah, I know how ya feel. Well, I'm on AO pretty frequently again, so feel free to PM me whenever ya want.

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    Re: What happened to most of my friends here?

    OH! I just figured out how to do IRC through the chatzilla xD might see you two around. if I'm on the right channel o_O

    and yeah, has been a bit quiet around here lately, but things will pick up again soon, usually do
    Last edited by _gwenibe_; Aug 16, 2010 at 12:12 AM. Reason: nvm just figured it out xD

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    Re: What happened to most of my friends here?

    I added a trivia bot to the chan now :P that I was able to set everything back up. I didn't realize people still logged onto the chan T_T the owner failed!

    So if you see a Bu-Chan and trivia in the online members list, then your in the right place from now on :P
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    Re: What happened to most of my friends here?

    Shippo is alive. idk.
    XD Ive been neglecting the crap out of AO. I wasnt on here for like a year! Nothing to post really. Almost been on here 4 years and Im not past 300 posts.... (I kno i fail)

    Thenz I come back every now and then and met new friends. And then other reasons to not care. :3

    Atomik_Sprout and Sazzy has been like the only two Ive spoken the most to from AO.
    >.< I should vist he IRC but my comp fails.

    ~So in conclusion~
    I miss everyone tooooo.... i remember the old days we were like one big happy family... now its alot of 'babies'. Its almost a drag. :3
    Shippo is determined to become a lvl higher
    I'm a solider of Pen and Paper!
    <3 Atomik_Sprout <3

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