For my first journal entry, I figured I'd share a bit about my job. To be more specific, some of the funnier things about my job.

I work collections for USBank. I handle corporate and small business credit card accounts (were I to collect on everyday people like you or me, I'd have quit my job the day I started). When I call these cardholders and authorized officers (the guys who usually own the business or have ultimate control of the account in question), hell even the book keepers, I hear some funny sh*t.

I called a lady about her card one day and she refused to talk to me about her account over the phone. She said some sh*t like, "I heard that I shouldn't talking to anyone who calls saying their USBank." I told the lady that I'm not a scammer, and I told her that if I wasn't with the bank, I wouldn't have all her account info. She finally listens to reason, and I tell her she's past due, blah, blah, blah. She tells me how she'll make her payment, then I try to have her verify her billing address. We gotta do it to be sure they're receiving statements and to be sure they are who they say they are.

The woman snapped! "Why do I gotta give you my address, when you're the one who's got all my account information!!" I explained to her why, she still sounds unsure, so I say, "Are you receiving statements?" It counts as verification on my call monitoring if they answer. She answers, "Yes," and spits off some random addy that's not the one I'm looking at on my monitor. I told her, "I don't have that address on file," She said to me, "Well if you don't have that adress, then you're not Card Member Services!" Then she hung up on me!!!

I wanted to snap on her so bad! I kept my cool, but I mean, WHO THE F*CK ARE YOU to tell me who pays me? Where I work? I wasn't like uber angry, but I wanted to argue with her! You don't do my job, why would you say some sh*t like that??? Are you like, God or something?? LOL. It's funny when I look at it now, but at the time, I was confused and in the mood for an argument.