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Thread: Going insane.

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    Re: Going insane.

    i had a wierd dream a couple of nights ago about my fingernail being peeled back (a number of pieces were coming off and i couldnt stop picking them off.) then a stranger pinched my finger and blood and puss just kept flowing out....why the heck didnt he stop?!@?., to worsen it, the pain was so much i was bleeding out my nose and ears, and was throwing up uncontrollable.
    purely the most digusting feeling. *shudders*

    lol, the only out-of body or switching body was that of a girl and some non-living objects like a random camera view..

    ever had a Harry Potter broom flying moment??.,..i really hate harry potter too.

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    Re: Going insane.

    my dreams usually come true... but it's nothing scary like death, or nice like getting lots of money, or even something cool like solving a crime....

    it's something dumb... like going down a particular hallway on a certain day, something i say in response to Darling, or standing by my bed holding something...

    ^_^"" not complaining too much though! i'd rather have Deja Vu than Night Terrors!

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