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Thread: She [hearts] him.

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    She [hearts] him.

    Today I will display a blog of my current feelings. Please don't laugh. keep it to yourselffff

    It's just a simple crush, I can't deny. But it's so powerful it's hurting me inside. I feel you next to me,Baby can't you see...TEARS fall down my cheek as I write this. My breath shortens. WHY? I don't know. This is new. NEVER have I felt this way about someone. Not to cry<-- about at least. I can tell it's real, it's true. Yes I'm [[RANd0M]]. Don't bother telling me. I love you, I found you. Once I said the word "Love", My energy released. I need you. Open your eyes and see.

    I l♥ve you
    I heart you
    I want you
    So bad; leave them alone
    You DO look at me. I catch your glimpses. Don't be shy. She wants needs you.
    Wow; I can be emotional
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