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Thread: So long

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    So long

    Wow. I haven't written in a longggg time. My school life has changed a lot for some very strange reason..

    1. Boys- They won't leave me the f*ck alone. "Hey baby, damn, you know you want me,etc" It goes on &+ on. Worst of all one of my friends brothers likes me now. Why did all this happen all of a sudden? And how the hell do they know my 'effin number?

    2. Chicks- When I walk in, there's always a thousand hello's and followed by hugs. Since when do they recently care ALOT about me. Everyone said hello before, but now they're filled with hugs..every single time. Not like the before hey-your-here-gimme-a-hug thing, nooo. Nothing like that anymore.

    3.Self Esteem- So yeahh.. I'm full of it now :] I think I'm awesome for raising it so high.

    4. Grades- Since when do teachers like me?

    Yeah..UhMM I'll soon be leaving to Mex. (Dec.19)

    I heart you all!~ See you next month
    Yeah, Bye.

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    Re: So long

    Damn, tu vida seems a bit hectic pero you'll get used to it. Apoco no te gusta la attention you are getting from all these people at tu escuela? Pa ke lado the Mexico are you traveling to?

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