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Thread: In all seriousness, 11/4/08

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    In all seriousness, 11/4/08

    Seeing all the people at President-elect Obama's speech was so special. A week ago, even when all the polls said what they said I wasn't too sure about a Democrat victory. Bush beat Gore in 2000, and the Giants beat Patriots last year, nothing is certain. I have been a registered voter for 5-6 yrs now and I have never care this much about any election.

    As it got near Tuesday, things were slowly leaning toward an Obama victory. Reports were saying that the GOP was going to lose Senate and House seats, a good sign if the election ended up in a tie. The Washington Redskins lost, meaning that the incumbent party will not win. I lost in all of my fantasy sports teams, all pointing to something good. Didn't get much sleep last night, woke up today the first thing I turned on was CNN.

    I am guilty for being a cynic. I truly truly believed that all the undecided voters were not going to vote in an African American. I truly truly believed that the younger voters would rather sit home to play WoW or only care about anime than vote. I was wrong, very very wrong. And for that I have hope again about youths like me. Like I said before, I voted for more than just party lines or promised policies. I was very very impressed in his charisma and the way he got the youth to feel inspired and cared.

    Had a night class tonight, and I almost skipped class to stay glue to the television. Turns out my "worries" were unwarranted, as my friend txt-ed me updates while I learned Japanese I felt the weight going away. I wasn't the only one in the class that cared apparently. During break there's a big group surrounding one guy with a laptop. Apparently, the whole world cared too. Asian markets have already started going up.

    Anyways, got home in time to catch the historic speech and my landlord took out some champagne and with another housemate we toasted. It was a long campaign by Barack Obama and he definitely looked tired, he couldn't even crack a smile. There's a lot more to write, but right now it's just so jumbled in the mind.

    And no less, Senator McCain fought a big better and he deserves a lot of a prop. Unfortunately, his battle was too large. He had to appeal to his party, but at the same time he was a man with his own ways. He sided with a party that had not done well for us the last 8 years. His running mate was a like a bottle of vault, gave him the initial boost but end up helping him crash. And ultimately, young people like you and me, and the internet.

    Tomorrow, I will go pick up a copy of the local paper, and I will never throw it away. It will be something I will show future generations, for better or for worse...

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    Re: In all seriousness, 11/4/08

    like i said in the Sexy Clan place thing...

    ^_^ it's all thanks to you guys for pullin' Obama though, and i hope to God in Heaven that he fulfills all the promises he can and bring us out of this ditch we're in...

    so congrats, from a slight-ly sad, slight-ly republi-girl!

    oh! and he has to get a dog before he moves into the White House! what kind will he pick? (that actually got me excited thinking about it... ^_^ a little shallow?)

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    Re: In all seriousness, 11/4/08

    And what an utterly shitty mess he's going to have to clean up. With the economy being the first order of business, many people in Europe are afraid there's going to be some heavy taxation on non-American products coming into the USA.

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