or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever!

No....not those crazy religious Utah folks that got same sex marriage banned out here in California.

I was making a reference to the Terminator: Salvation movie that was a big piece of crap. I was willing to look pass a lot of things, but when McG (is that your Chief?!) messed with the original theme of the Terminator franchise that was IT!

Christian Bale, people say he's a great actor, but I really doubt it for someone who shows less emotion than Aceman when he is modding. Skip this movie if you cannot leave your brain at the door or if you thought the latest Fast and Furious movie was also crap.

Now Star Trek, that's something else...haha Simon Pegg as Scotty, nice.

And who is that black lady?? Friends said she was in other movies before, but I've never seen her before.