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Thread: 24-hour clock

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    24-hour clock

    Is it possible for me to change the 12-hour clock to military time on the board? In fact, there was no such option in the Date & Time Options, so I guess it is not possible. Just wanted to ask to be sure ...
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    Re: 24-hour clock

    Sorry, but I don't believe that's possible unfortunately, not many forums I've been to have that option, so these forums wouldn't have it either, to my knowledge, it is not an addable choice, the boards either support it, or don't, and from my experience, most don't...

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    Re: 24-hour clock

    Most boards actually do support this feature, but vBSEO does not.

    If you would like this feature added, please contact one of the Administrators first (It also might help if you were to find where this addable feature is, as you'd be doing some of the work).

    Question Answered, closing

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