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Thread: Another Monthly Contest?

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    Another Monthly Contest?

    Lately I've noticed an increase of writing in many places; in my school, other sites, and even on here. Or maybe it's just my imagination.

    Well I was thinking of a way to help improve the writing ability of a lot of individuals for their works or for making a post. What better way could there be then to have a competition fashioned after SOTW, but call it SSOTM. SSOTM stands for Short Story Of The Month.

    Everything else is pretty much given. How the themes would be made, how long it would be - Short Story can't be more then 10,000 words.

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    Re: Another Monthly Contest?

    Hmm... we are slowing down on the competitions. It takes a fair bit of time to setup, judge and organise. The recent WOTF couldn't take off, and neither could some other comps like the Karas DVD Giveaway.

    So at this stage, we are thinking of other non-contest ideas.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Another Monthly Contest?

    I feel bad that things are going they way they are, with the contests. I would have killed for one of the KARAS dvd's, but I figured I wouldn't stand a chance of getting one, because everyones skills are much better than mine. I figured there would be floods of entries, so I didn't even bother checking back. Who would have thought it would turn out so poorly.

    I did like your idea about the stories, but I would think something like that would be more a quarterly thing, as it would be a rather heavy task to handle.

    I have racked my brain for ideas, but it seems someone either beats me to it, or I know the idea is stupid. I am sure DragonBall, and the other MODS will think up some creative ideas. I'll put my thinking cap back on, and see if I can think of anything worth while.
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