ok this is my feed back so please stay on topis i dont need any love or hate posts here this is just a way to express my thanks to the mods and to bring up issues i have notced latley.

Ok first off im gonna have to say i have been here for a few months now and have seen alot changes that are good and some drawbacks from people who
dont read the rules and stuff. my questions is this with as busy and and as hard as the Admin. Super Mods and Mods are how come when the some of the new people sign up they refuse to the read the rules i even hae sent a link to some of them so they could see the rules my self but the thing is the spam just gets to be t much for the Admins and the others.
how come some of the eilte like my self arnt trying to stop this when they some of the new people join by leaving a link in the welcome so the know the rules and even sugest like i do post lots about anime. i am not talking about back seat modding or anything but if your an elite you should have more knowled than the new people and sugest to them about not spamming or something to help out the Admns and the others it would defently stop alot of the pointless threads .
Anwway this is my sugestion and feed back and question, if anyone has any thing they want to add thats fine but keep it on topic this thread isnt for spaming any silly crap