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Thread: Ao ranks

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    Ao ranks

    Ive bin tring to figure out the ranks for ao but unfor chunetly i have no luck so i whas just wondering if some one can help me figure out all of the ao ranks

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    Re: Ao ranks

    This information was copied from the AO Rules/FAQ The "User Promotions"... is that what you're talking about?

    As you become more involved with the Anime Online community, you will notice more features becoming available to you. The following milestones can be achieved:

    * Registered Member
    Simply by registering, this is your initial usergroup.
    * Community Member
    Achieved after 30 days AND 250 posts.
    * Elite Member
    Achieved after 150 days AND 500 posts.
    * Veteran Member
    Achieved after 365 days AND 1000 posts.

    This reward system is an effective way of ensuring those that contribute to in turn receive extra privileges. Privileges may be exclusive access to certain forums, wallpapers, participation in contests and an overall less restrictive account.

    Only Community Members and above can play the Arcade.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: Ao ranks


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