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Thread: Backlight Suggestion...

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    Backlight Suggestion...

    I'd likely guess this has been proposed or mentioned already, but I haven't found anything when I searched for similar topics so, If I may...

    I'd like to suggest that Mangahere give the option of turning the background black while reading manga's. I've noticed on some other manga websites that you're able to "turn the light off" so to speak by clicking on a little button off to the side to give you the choice of whether you want it light or dark in the background while reading your manga. I don't really know the technical difficulties that would go into doing this, but I'd just like to put it out there if for the unlikely reason no one has mentioned it before.

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    Re: Backlight Suggestion...

    haha,,,sounds good...but i am curious how to turn the light off, i mean mangahere's background is black, to turn the light on or off seems no work..

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