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Thread: Calling All Graphic Artists

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    Calling All Graphic Artists

    Greetings everyone, I have thought of a new, and interesting challenge for our very GFX artists that will truly test our talent.

    The idea is simple, there are three set images that the artist may choose from, and from one of those can create any image that he/she desires, under a size requirement of no less than 800 x 1000.

    Each contest theme would be freestyle, and only restricted to what you can create/imagine with a preset image (of three).

    Another phrase one could use for this is 'photo manipulation'.

    I was thinking, if there are some interested and the okay is given, each contest can be held on a month to month basis.


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    Re: Calling All Graphic Artists

    Hmmm, I say go for it, but I'm still no/yes on from choosing from three images, I say we have the freedom to it, like using any image we want on it. Or! Using no image, now that would be a challenge......but that's just me.

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    Re: Calling All Graphic Artists

    I think this would be appropriately called:
    "Large Artwork of the Month"
    Freestyle 3 image would be a good fixed theme.

    I'm kinda halfway on the 3images too.

    1.like Pryo said nicely, there's the freedom that's always nice to have..
    even the no image is a nice twist...(you clearly are a psycho ;P)
    Being it a 'large artwork' kinda thing, you'd expect people to expand.

    2.From it being a restriction is also a great way to force people to come up with ways of styles
    It also can eliminate the Great image/so-so bg work OR So-so Image/Nicely done bg work that we have so often in our SOTWs

    but first off its more like:
    "....maybe....you find the guys first and we'll talk".

    had to stop myself from typing anymore on the topic, my laptop crashed a couple of days ago, so i dont even have the means to participate XD

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    Re: Calling All Graphic Artists

    "Large Artwork of the Month" sounds very good to me! I'm in for any kind of design contest, I learn from it and I have fun doing it. Also I like to see my AO artists friends what they'll bring up this time. So bring it on!

    I agree with Sasu and Pyro though, maybe we could do something else then "choose from 3 pictures/renders etc."

    Hope everyone is excited about this!

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    Re: Calling All Graphic Artists

    They do have a point Zyta. I mean what's the use of making it freestyle if the user can't use their own custom image or render.. that's just me though. But I do like the thought of this little competition.. hell go for it!

    @ Sasu: That is a nice title for the contest... ya freakin graphic genius XD.

    @Pyro: Using no images does sound challenging gives me shivers just thinking about it.

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    Re: Calling All Graphic Artists

    This would be good but i hope they render their own images...though i agree with them that well there has to be some sort of rule or let me re phrase that guidelines for this type....Plus i know that there are a lot of artists who are up for a challenge.....

    am excited....giggles ...
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    Re: Calling All Graphic Artists

    Well this could be a good thing i do think we need more GFX based events and features around here anyway.
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    Re: Calling All Graphic Artists

    Pardon my newbieness, but what does GFX mean? I know I can draw images in mechanical pencil and ink pens and colored pencils and people like them, so a contest would be fun, but maybe you mean something done a computer? >_< *feeling silly*
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