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Thread: Character Limits

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    Re: Character Limits

    You are simply impossible to work with. Yes, I am talking about radical change, but there is a problem with what you said.........

    From what I've been told, the rp section here has never been good, as I've heard from quite a few members. I mean damn one liners, bad grammar and the like, bad structure and all and terrible rps all together. Isn't that why the whole section got started over, and there are like no rps there at all?!?!?!? Isn't that why CBH PMed Xelhes and asked him to be a mod???!?!?!

    Simply horrible levels of skill and rps were put into play, and if that is the case and it "worked fine for years with the current set up." Then Xelhes would not have been made a mod. That or you guys are simply nooblets in rping, and think you're good, but that's not the case.

    As for looking up the technology, I need not bother. I know all about the technology you are talking about and understand it completely. Not only that, I have both had mod jobs, and admin positions on multiple forum sites.

    Lastly I take your final statement offensively, as I know the "proper writing process", and if it's a challenge you want, I guarantee I could outmatch you with no effort in almost any category of writing; from role play creation, rp battle, to writing poetry, or even erotic lit.........

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    Re: Character Limits

    Okay, points taken. Opposing views have spoke, and there's no need for anymore debate as things will be taken cared of in the staff forum.

    I'm going to close this before anyone of us say anymore things that we might regret saying.

    Closing this...and will be brought to the owner.

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