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Thread: Clan Chat

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    Clan Chat

    I think the clan area has been modified to not allow for post counts to go up in them, this is mainly due to the "chat" threads in them and people would get really high post counts in a short period of time over chit-chat crap. I fully understand that however I personally am trying to make sure my clan isn't a chat forum, I want real discussion and activities that will help people grow in the field of anime.

    I think people should be rewarded (with an increase in post count) when they post things of value. I can't ask my people (or myself) to be active in the clan sections where they get nothing when they could post the same things in the “Anime Chat” section of the main forum instead and reap actual benefits in their post count.

    The three potential options are:
    1) We could have a clan chat sub-forum in each clan area that people's post counts won't benefit from and it will be used for the general chat stuff in the clan sections and then the normal clan forum will allow for the serious posts and people can reap the benefit.

    2) At the same time I see the problems with this; people will join the clan the people they want to chat with are in and won’t be productive elsewhere. So can we not just make a rule that the clan sections aren’t chat rooms?

    3) There has been mention that people don’t like the clans because it seriously divides the people in the forum and we are suppose to be a community. Maybe we could have an overall Clan Chat Room that people as long as they belong to some/any clan can come and chat and the clan leaders will stipulate that their members have to be active in the clan activities in order to stay in it and have access to the chat forum! This would give people the ability to chat but force them to be active elsewhere in order to keep that privilege. To me this is the best option.

    Ultimately it is LK's decision as he is the one that will have to do the work to set it up but I posted this as a thread because I want people to be able to voice their thoughts on this.

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    Re: Clan Chat

    The idea sounds kool, but i think that we have been posting too much spam lately.

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