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    what exactly are credits for?? cause i like have 400 and i dont know what they are foor
    something tell me please

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    Re: credits

    in before massive explanations.

    READ THIS : Credit Award System - now in place

    its all in there ^_^ its all int eh first post.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon Ball View Post
    Today, welcome to the new AO Credits System. Up until now, the only way we had to acknowledge contributors to AO was via post count. Well, from this day on, you will be rewarded with more than a post count increase. Welcome to AO Credits! Earn credits in a variety of ways. The more you earn, the better things we can make available to you.


    Note: Credits are NOT earnt in forums where user post count does not increase. Eg: in the Clans and Intro forum.

    Everyone has been awarded credits for the usergroup you are in and referrals brought to AO. No credits have been given for past posts, threads, and voting etc. So FROM NOW ON, your activity will earn you credits! Hopefully this can also bring more voting on the SOTW and WOTF contests too.

    The following credits will be applied:

    Induction Credit: 100
    Credits awarded when your are promoted into a new usergroup.
    Exception: -200 credits will be applied if becoming a banned user or placed into the post moderation usergroup.

    Referral Credit: 100

    Additive Referral Bonus: 5%
    Extra credits for referring many others. Referrals are checked and added every midnight. Get 5% more credits per referral. Eg: If you have 10 referrals, your credits will be 150% more than others.

    Time Credit: 0
    Current we are not awarding credits based on time at AO.

    Activity Credit: 10
    Credits awarded once per day when you do something at AO.

    Birthday Credit: 100

    Reputation Granting Credit: 0.1
    Awarded when you give others reputation. A multiplier by the amount of reputation given.

    Positive Reputation Credit: 10
    Awarded when you receive positive reputation.

    Negative Reputation Credit: -15
    Awarded when you receive negative reputation.

    New Thread Credit: 20

    Rate Thread Credit: 5

    Posting Credit: 5
    Credits awarded for all posts, except when creating a new thread.

    Own Thread Posting Credit: 3
    Applied when posting in a thread which you originally created.

    Post Size Credit: 0.1
    Credit awarded per character in a post, in addition to the Posting Credit.

    Poll Create Credit: 10

    Poll Vote Credit: 3

    Deleted Thread Credit: -20
    Credit applied when your thread is deleted.

    Deleted Post Credit: -5
    Credit applied when your post is deleted.

    Creating a New Review: 100

    Winning POTM: 100

    Winning WOTF: 100

    Winning SOTW: 50


    So you have earnt all these credits, now what do you do with them? The Credits System is a living and breathing beast. What you see now is only a glimpse of things to come. You can use your credits to buy cool things and open up forum features.

    Currently, I will offer the following:
    • If there is a tiebreaker in contest votings, the member with the most credits wins.
    • For physical prizes, eg: t-shirts, DVD's etc., they can only be won by members with a certain amount of credits. Trade your credits to gain access to these competitions. (Psss... news is that a Karas DVD comp will be released this week for AO members. 10 DVD's up for grabs!)
    • Use your credits to motivate me create a new anime series sub-forum.
    • (to be released at a later stage) Enhance your AO experience by buying specific fonts, increase inbox size, flood limits for PMs, glow colours and so on.
    • (contemplating) Trade your credits to play in the arcade.
    • and so on...

    So as you can see, the more responsible activity you participate in here at AO, the more you will get back in return.

    If anyone has suggestions, then feel free to post them in this thread. For ease of reference, I have added the point values to AO Credits (FAQ Area).

    Thank you.
    keep reading the thread if you have more answers, maybe they have been answered

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    Re: credits

    Ok before someone else starts trowing rocks at you, here is the latest announcement on AO credits...

    Credit Award System - now in place

    Edit: Darn it Sasu.. Beat me to it... Well then I suppose will start trowing the rocks...

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    Re: credits

    Time to close this.

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