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Thread: Fanfic posting rule question/suggestion

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    Fanfic posting rule question/suggestion

    I'm posting a story I'm writing, but before I post the next part I have a question to ask. I want to know If I should post it in the first thread I made or not. Also I was looking around for this and couldn't find anything about it. If you do have rules on this making them easier to find might be good, or if you don't maybe just posting a rule thread in the fanfic section might help people wanting to post. Thank you for your time.

    I found out the answer to my question, but I still suggest you make a rule thread right in the fanfic section.
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    Re: Fanfic posting rule question/suggestion

    If you're posting separate chapters, its better to start a new thread.

    Keep in mind that this counts towards your limit of 4 threads per day, maximum.

    If a single chapter exceeds your character limit, just post the next part in a second post in the same thread and use the report post function () explaining the situation, and a staff member can merge the posts if need be.

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