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Thread: Graphical Extention

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    Graphical Extention

    Im sorry but im asking this qustion agin until i actually get a solid answer

    Now like alot of GFX artist here. im sure they want to see a extension on Graphics here. i am fully aware that this is a anime forum but other anime forums have more emphasis on graphics than we do here. I am in love with graphics and for that im sorry but. id like to see a extention on graphics around here. preferably such ass a competion forum for battles. Resource threads. and a place to place your SIG's for C&C now i know your going to say thats what the gallery is for. ok how about this. We can place unfinished work and ask others what else is needed there fore its voiding needing to be in the gallery because its not finished

    Also Graphical Teams. where i am currenly i even own my own Signature shop and its been succesful for over 7 months now and its a kingdom hearts forum however they have a LARGE grapchis section. im not comparing AO to it im just giving some ideas. i mean i used to be very active but...im not anymore. only in SOTW and a post here and there. its nothing that appeals for me here other than that. sorry but for us graphical minds we need more. What i ment by graphical teams are set up like this. they have a leader and the teams get assignments such as make a picture based on this certain picture and so on. and them some teams face off aginst one another. its truly fun.

    Now next your going to bring up (well everyones not good in graphics) well im sure if we HAD a better graphic section people would get better also we could attract more Anime GFX artist such as myself around here. when i got here i came only for anime but a anime gfx artist would come here look around and see theres no emphasis on graphics so it would be nearly pointless to stick around. What im saying basically is we need more Emphasis on graphics. of course most of you will not agree with me and ya know..lol i really dont care. im on a different page than you are.

    But all in all i really hope AO gets a better graphic secion because well theres really no where to show my stuff besides SOTW and please dont say the gallery because i never get C&C there or views. sorry thats just how i see it. Well discussion anyone?
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    Re: Graphical Extention

    We do have graphical teams, we have for signatures and to make renders, both of them with quite a success.

    Allowing signature showcasing in the forum has been tested and it has failed, both by the uploader (creating several threads with different versions of the same signature) and by the commenters (the classic cool, rad, ... coments). That is the reason why it was stricted to the gallery and not allowed in the forums.

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    Re: Graphical Extention

    remember katsu's site?, ultimately he also decided to separate it, probably because he wanted to put the main focus on their respective types.
    Seeing how i have to state this site is anime oriented, the owner would probably want it to keep it that way as a majority.
    Also most gfx related sites(whether it be by itself of part of a forum like KH), they do not have what we have, which is a gallery system which also makes us use it, thus hitting two birds with one stone in our behalf.

    in my last post to your other thread like this, i'll make this clear enough lolz.

    i personally dont think we need a bigger one than what its already at., well im ttrying to pitch a battle subforum, but thats all im willing to add on at the moment

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