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Thread: Link below signature~

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    Question Link below signature~

    This is a typically newbie question, I apologise for my stupidity. .__.'

    I've been looking around the site and I see people with links below their signature pictures. I was really hoping to put a link to my personal website (which can be viewed via my contact details) below my siggy picture there, but it keeps coming up with a "RAAAWRRR! BB CODE URL NOT ALLOWED! >:O GO AWAY!"

    Or something to that effect.

    I was just wondering if there was something you had to do to get a link there? Do you have to have a certain number of posts or anything? Or is it only a Mod thing or something? Or is my coding just retarded or something?
    Anyway, I couldnt find any information on this problem on the FAQ or from previous posts there in the help area here... so, it'd be nice if anyone can help me, or give me information as to what to do - or even if it is, or ISNT allowed, period. ;_;

    No linkie below siggy makes Steph cry. .__.

    My name ish Steph! -Poses as cape flaps in wind- DX
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    Re: Link below signature~

    From the forum Rules

    Newly registered members are not allowed to advertise their own sites in signatures until they have a post of count of at least 100.
    Your main signature image has a maximum size of:
    130 (height) x 500 (width) pixels, with a maximum file size of 200Kb.
    1 userbar is allowed in your signature, the maximum dimensions are 400 (width) x 20 (height) pixels.
    2 userbars are allowed for clan leaders (one extra userbar to show their clan leader status).
    Text in signatures is limited to 4 lines. Blank lines are also counted towards the text line limit. The max text size allowed in any signature is size 3.

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    Re: Link below signature~

    Question answered, Closing.

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