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Thread: Member and Mod Fairness

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    Member and Mod Fairness

    I know alot of people around here get treated unfairly ether by the mods, and/or members. So here is a way to fix this and hopefully build a better community.

    Moderator Issues:

    If you are being treated unfairly by one of the animeonline mods this is what you need to do.
    • Read the forum rules before you get all upset. There might be a chance you missed something or didn't read them at all.
    • Contact one of the Admins. Dragon Ball, or Trunks.
    • If you feel that one of the admins is treating you unfairly contact another Dragon Ball.

    Member Issues:

    If you are being harassed by a member of the board do the following.
    • Report to a staff member immediately. (Don't forget to include the evidence.)
    • Do NOT respond to their PM and / or post about this issue in the public forums.

    If you have any questions contact a staff member.
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