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    member ranks

    where can i find instructions on gaining ranks and reputation here
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    Re: member ranks

    in the yellow thingy in the upper right side of your screen that says RULES/FAQ
    Try reading it... it helps ^_~
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    Re: member ranks

    As you become more involved with the Anime Online community, you will notice more features becoming available to you. The following milestones can be achieved:
    Registered Member
    Simply by registering, this is your initial usergroup.
    Community Member
    Achieved after 30 days AND 250 posts.
    Elite Member
    Achieved after 150 days AND 500 posts.
    Veteran Member
    Achieved after 365 days AND 1000 posts.

    For more information see this link

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    Re: member ranks

    While the user ranks are mostly just for show, there are two that are important:

    Community Member: When you reach this stage, you are allowed to start your own Favorite threads.

    Elite Member: Some parts of the gallery were previously locked to you, they aren't any more. You are also allowed to ask for a Journal of your own as well.

    Also, Once you get past Community member, the staff expect you to know the rules and to follow them. Being a regular member was a grace period where we generally give you the benefit of the doubt.

    My advice: Read the rules and the Announcement section, and take what you read there to heart, it'll save you from an infraction from me or any of the staff.

    Question Answered, Closing.

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