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Thread: Member ranks?.?

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    Post Member ranks?.?

    So i have noticed latly that you have to have a certain member rank to post certain kind of threads which i find very odd because i dont know about the rest of you but i dont have time to keep finding things to post about so my member status goes up and not everyone has interests in every type of topic some just want to do certain kinds...i think if the mods have enough time to QQ about people that arnt high enough rank members posting the wrong thing cause there not high enough and close it they could handle spam threads which is the only thing i can think of that rank based thread posting can help with and even then nothing will stop people from spamming to get the rank needed... i know this thread will most likely get closed and deleted cause i used to own and mod a few forum sites myself for sites like naruto-arena and bleach tactics but anyway just thought i would get my 2 cents in this seems like a decent forum site but could be loosing alot of members cause of this issue...
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    Re: Member ranks?.?

    Well see then we get a whole bunch of new people creating favorite threads that are usually low quality, and that I have seen 1,000 of the same thread created already.

    If its a well thought out thread and it creates a discussion, then sometimes we might let it slide.

    I mean you have to agree, if you have hundreds of "Whats your fav color?" threads, it would get boring and annoying. People who have been here awhile know what kind of topics have already been recently discussed, so there arn't the same threads done time after time.

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    Re: Member ranks?.?

    Moving to feedback and questions.

    There's very solid reasoning behind our rules. We once allowed members to post favorite threads at will, regardless of ranks, and this lead to a deluge of favorite threads that held no discussion value what so ever.

    So we made it so that only community members can post favorite threads. This was to A) make the staffs job much easier, and B) increase the quality of threads on the board, seeing as those that have reached community member status are quality posters and contribute to the forum as a whole.

    While you aren't allowed to create favorite threads (which is the only type of thread you're not allowed to make until you get Comm Member status), you are allowed to post in an existing thread of that nature.
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