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Thread: Old Threads

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    Re: Old Threads

    Automatically closing threads in certain forums cannot be done automatically at this stage. Threads in the Anime Series are not generally closed after 1 month as the dead thread rule doesn't apply there.

    Animeleague gets far fewer unique visitors than Anime Online. Just take a look at online users at any one time and compare it to AO. You will soon know which is the bigger site. But really, I'm not interested in comparing AO to other anime sites in terms of traffic and visitors. I'm more interested in seeing how we can improve AO for members and even take ideas from other sites if need be.

    Thanks anyway for your input.


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    Re: Old Threads

    Quote Originally Posted by bigfoot88 View Post
    Heeey Cheifblackhammer no need for name calling. When I did it I didn't know that you couldn't post on threads that have been inactive for more than a month. If you guys really want to have it that way, go on a head it's not my website. All I'm trying to do is make suggestions to help out AO. However compared to animeleague you guys are pretty small. One thing they do that you guys don't is they don't have a time limit on threads. So that’s all I'm going to say.
    oh ,we're small? on what comparison? on the one of old threads that are not closed which means there's no people there enough to make them old in anime league? (even if more in number of members) or should someone who's looking for a place to post search some hundreds or more of threads? I mean he/she can create one if dead at any time plus there's people who don't even search for subjects .. they just tend to create new ones ... I'm sorry but i have to disagree with you to the full .. i mean i never got attached to a site like i did to this one .. you sure mistaken this place's great value ...
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